Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Gets New Gig


Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Lands Historic New Role

Recently Deadline reported that Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston has already landed a new post-series gig. When the film begins shooting in 2014, Cranston will play Dalton Trumbo in a new film directed by Jay Roach (The Campaign), Trumbo. The film will be produced by Groundswell Productions and written by John McNamara, which was adapted by Bruce Cook’s novel. With the Breaking Bad finale only a week away, fans of the series can currently catch Cranston onstage in Massachusetts in All The Way.

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Dalton Trumbo was sent to prison in 1950 when he refused to answer the House UnAmerican Activities Committee’s questions during the era of the Hollywood blacklist. Despite his notoriety, Trumbo still managed to maintain his career in Hollywood after his release by assuming pseudonyms for his movie scripts. He is most known for writing such classic films as Roman Holiday, Spartacus, and Papillon. In the face of all the difficulty Trumbo suffered, that didn’t keep him from trying to break the boycott, and he ended up igniting a battle against Hollywood and Congress.

Breaking Bad Episode 5×15, “Granite State,” Airs Sunday, September 22nd at 9PM on AMC