Ravenswood’s “Brett Dier” on The Curse, Leading Ladies & The Intense Events To Come


BRETT DIER“Brett Dier” Talks Spirits, Bromance, His Leading Ladies & What To Expect In The Next Episode Of “Ravenswood”

Brett Dier might play Ravenswood‘s resident “angsty” teenager, but this good-looking actor has far more talent than investigating town secrets and locking lips with pretty brunettes. As “Luke Matheson” on ABC Family’s hit new series, Brett frolics with ghosts and protects his sister “Olivia” (Merritt Patterson), but when he’s not on set uncovering Ravenswood’s wretched past, Brett is playing Jenga with his family (at least on one special day of the year). Catching up with Brett, we learnt more about Ravenswood’s deadly curse and whether Luke will ever come to terms with his involvement in it. We talked Luke’s leading ladies, his bromance with Caleb and the ever-so-creepy Mr. Collins, as well as how Brett views his character. Additionally, Brett teased what’s to come when the show returns on January 7, after episode 1×05 “Scared to Death” left us in open-mouthed duress.

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Check out all the details of our fantastic interview with Brett Dier below!

You Don’t Mess With The Law

We’ve all been curious about what happened with Luke’s father and we wanted to know if Luke will be handling his own investigation separate to the group. Brett said, “Yes, there will definitely be some of that. Luke also gets in some trouble with the law; he gets to go in the back of a cop car.  He’s definitely more involved than in the first half of the season, where he [stuck] to himself and didn’t believe in anything.  He’s definitely doing some investigating by himself, with Remy and with his sister. There’s even a cool couple of scenes with Luke and Caleb now, so there’s some bromance going on.” As for that budding bromance, Brett says it will blossom when the show returns January 7. That’s definitely something to look forward to.

Relationship Woes

Luke and Caleb might be getting buddy-buddy with each other, but what about Luke’s relationship with Remy? Will they find their way back to each other? Brett says, “They are definitely figuring things out and they are a lot better than how they were. There’s still obviously [some] issues but they are working things out.” While they ‘work things out’ what happens to bring these two together? Brett explains, “Remy deals with some dream sequences, so it shows some of that, which is really cool.  Luke’s definitely there for her for that, so I think that [brings] them a lot closer.”


The Lady Luke Would Do Anything For

Aside from Remy, the other leading lady in Brett’s life is his sister Olivia. We’ve seen how protective Luke can be, and as Brett explains – it all comes from love. “He cares a lot about her and he’s very protective about her, especially now that his father’s passed away. He’s kind of like the man of the family now, so he’s got to take care of his mom and his sister. He would do anything for her – even though they have their disagreements. It all comes from love. He’s definitely a protective guy and loves his sister more than anything.”

Luke’s Anger Management

There’s a reason we’ve dubbed Luke as Ravenswood’s resident ‘angsty’ teenager – over the last few episodes he’s been rather surly. Brett shared with us his view of Luke and his anger issues: “I wanted to bring some vulnerability to Luke – because he’s a very angry guy. I just wanted to make it seem like he’s got a lot going on all the time — because he recently lost his father, he has no friends and all these other things — so he’s a very sad kid. I wanted to put that underneath the anger.” But Brett relates more closely to Caleb than Luke. He says he’s “definitely not like Luke, because Luke’s pretty dark and angry and I’m super socially awkward and goofy.  I would say maybe more Caleb with a little bit of awkwardness.  I’d say that, because Caleb’s got a good sense of humor and stuff, and he showed that a lot in Pretty Little Liars too, he’s got the good sense of humor.”

The Darker The Better I See Dead People

As a spin-off of successful ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood was bound to achieve some wanted attention. But what drew Brett to the project? He tells us, “I love the supernatural, and the fact that it was a spinoff of Pretty Little Liars which a lot of people really love. I was excited to be part of something that people already knew about.  I loved my character too, because it said he was very dark.  I like playing dark roles, so that really got me into it for sure.” The series continues to get creepier, and so we decided to tap into Brett’s creep-o-meter to see if the idea of meddling with spirits or apparitions ever gives him the chills. He responds, “Yes, definitely. Before Ravenswood I did a film called Backmask… and that whole movie was actually filmed in an abandoned insane asylum, and it hadn’t been used for 60 years, so I’ve had experience in these kinds of things.  I always have an experience personally involving ghosts. On Ravenswood [while filming] in New Orleans I actually saw a ghost and I’m totally believing in that stuff now so it kind of makes it more realistic for me to play.”

Brett Dier with castmates Merritt Patterson and Tyler Blackburn in upcoming episode "Home is Where the Heart is (Seriously Check the Floorboards)"

Brett Dier with castmates Merritt Patterson and Tyler Blackburn in upcoming episode “Home is Where the Heart is (Seriously Check the Floorboards)”

Christmas Traditions – Both Good & Embarrassing

With Christmas just gone, we asked Brett if his family has any special or embarrassing Christmas traditions they act out every year. Brett says, “Embarrassing, not really.  We play Jenga.  I mean who plays Jenga, right?  We play Jenga every Christmas and we get really into it and really competitive.  I love Jenga.  I want to get the giant Jenga set with huge blocks.  That’s what we’re trying to get.  We’re trying to order that on Amazon right now.”

The Curse (Among Other Things)

One of the key elements in Ravenswood is that of the curse – an ancient pact where in order for the soldiers of the town to survive in war, five teenagers must perish upon their return. In the last few episodes, Luke has struggled with the idea and truth of this curse, despite witnessing its effects with his own eyes. We asked Brett if his character will ever fully believe in the Ravenswood pact and whether he’ll come to terms with it. He said, “You know what, actually, he does.  He does eventually get comfortable with it.  Well, not really comfortable, but you know he just accepts it now.” It’s been frustrating for the group because two (obviously important) players – Mr. Collins and Mrs. Grunwald – clearly know more than they’re letting on. As to why creepy Mr. Collins won’t come forward and discuss the curse, Brett says, “Yes, that’s what I want to know! It would make it a lot easier for Luke if he just straight up told him, but maybe you’ll see some of that coming up.” So what if the gang discovers the curse – will it change the dynamic of the show? Brett clarifies, “I think if that does happen they’ll definitely have other problems.  They wouldn’t just end. So if the curse does end you’ll probably see more downtime and more relief for a little bit. I guarantee you something else will happen right away, something intense.  That’s what I think.  Maybe it will show more character downtime, see what they do when they’re not on high alert, but I don’t know, I can’t see that happening any time soon.”

Mom You Shouldn’t Date That Man

We’re curious (if not a little uncomfortable) about Rochelle Matheson’s acquaintance with Mr. Collins – why is he so interested in Luke and Olivia’s mom? What’s their history? Brett promises we’ll learn more about their relationship and it will make Luke “extremely angry”; and it will affect Luke and Olivia’s sister-brother dynamic as well. But in a good way or a bad way? Brett says: “Stuff definitely gets a lot shakier in the next five episodes, lots of drama, especially between Olivia and Luke and their mom and Collins, so Luke and Olivia work together on that.  They have some kafuffles but you can see their bond getting a lot stronger after that, especially after one really intense scene coming up. Merritt and I had to be really depressed for the scene, so we were depressed for like six hours on set to get into the mindset of the scene. That scene you definitely see Luke and Olivia bond.  It’s a really cool scene, but I can’t give it away. I think it’s the season finale, episode 10.”

Brett Teases What’s To Come

In the last episode, the gang uncovered some unsettling information (not to mention bodies) related to their ancestors’ pact. We asked Brett if there was anything he could tease about the next 5 episodes, and he replied, “I mentioned Luke is in a cop car.  I mentioned that you get to see how Remy sleepwalks, you get to see her actual dream sequences, which are actually sweet, and so that’s a big thing.  You pretty much find out a lot of the questions that people have, like who made the curse, you find that out.  You find out a lot of things.” So not a lot of old-fashioned downtime then? “You know it’s pretty high alert the next five episodes, because so much stuff happens, so many things that are really intense and not really much downtime, definitely not.”

Ravenswood Episode 1×06 “Revival” airs Tuesday 7 January (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT) on ABC Family