Bruised, Beautiful But Still Unbroken?: New Episode Stills Reveal Clay’s Escape, But at What Cost?


Bitten - Season 1 - Clay Danvers

Any folks available to nurse Clay Danvers back to health? You know for MEDICAL REASONS.

SYFY releases five new still images of its acquired drama series, Bitten episode 1×12 “Caged,” written by Will Pascoe and directed by Kelly Makin. In this episode, Elena disobeys her Alpha’s commands to free Clay; Philip confronts Elena on who, or what, she is.

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In the photo above we find Clay Danvers asleep, with scratches and bruises. This leads us to believe that he may have escaped his captures. – Speaking of capture. We’d love for you to capture this photo. Our witty and entertaining team member Erin had her own caption to share in response to “volunteering” as nurse maid.

“Is this The Hunger Games, because I’m suddenly FEELING THE NEED TO VOLUNTEER.” ~ Erin Brown

Oh Erin, how we continue to adore you.

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Photo Credit: Shane  Manhood/Syfy