Da Vinci’s Demons Episode (2×10) Review – [Season Finale] “The Sins of Daedalus”


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Da Vinci’s Demons Finale Reenacts A Clockwork Orange Renaissance Style in Season 2 Finale

The season 2 finale of Da Vinci’s Demons brought every thing to a head that’s been building since the premiere. While no one found the Book of Leaves, Leonardo did finally find his mother. Vanessa’s baby was born, causing her to be the most powerful person in all of Florence. Riario got seduced by yet another evil man, causing him to sacrifice what’s left of his soul to the Enemies of Man. Lucrezia outs the Fake Pope Sixtus, who discovers the real Pope has escaped. The finale was hectic, thrilling, and ended with a cliffhanger that will leave viewers in fervent anticipation for the next season. While this finale didn’t really top season one’s, it was still a great finale filled with many twists and surprises. Now that you’re all caught up, let’s discuss the episode.

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“Is it better for a man to have chosen evil than to have good imposed upon him?

When Riario was “saved” by the Enemies of Man in the previous episode following his suicide attempt, we just knew he was going to be in for a world of hurt. After waking up in some kind of cave, Riario was forced into some weird contraption where his eyelids were held open by eye clamps. After countless hours, or even days, Riario succumbed to the stranger’s brainwashing and was inducted into the order. This turn of events wasn’t necessarily shocking given Riario’s track record, but it is disappointing. Riario had turned a leaf, somewhat, during his time in the New World. Most of us hoped this meant he’d become Leonardo’s ally, instead of remaining his enemy. Now, Riario has joined forces with a group of people even more evil than his crazy father. Has he let his chance for redemption pass him by? Only time will tell.

Riario: It was all in vain the Book [of Leaves] will never be found. And if your faction, and the sons of Mithras, and God, and the Devil want to kill each other to use it the world will be a better place without every single one of you.

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“This wasn’t about my father. This was about my sister. I wanted her life, her death, to mean something.”

When Bayezid returned from Rome it appeared Lucrezia’s goose was cooked. And it was in a manner of speaking. The Sultan’s son used Lucrezia as an emissary to deliver his terms of surrender to Alfonso, which could have resulted in her death if Leonardo hadn’t saved her hide. All season long we’ve waited for her to come face-to-face with Lorenzo since he learned of her treachery, and we finally got our wish. The showdown between a woman and her betrayed lover was very realistic as a hurt Lorenzo asked Lucrezia to tell him the truth about their relationship. Even though we’ve seen Lo screw around with his ex during his time in Naples, this scene was a vivid reminder of how much he truly cared for Lucrezia. Hearing her tell him she never loved him was just as hurtful for us as it was for him. As exciting as Lucrezia’s reunion with Leonardo and Lorenzo was, the real excitement came when she outed her uncle as a fraud. The Fake Pope managed to escape back to the Vatican for a failed murder attempt against his brother (who had escaped), but the ramifications for this reveal will undoubtedly reverberate all next season.

Leonardo: Bore a hole? Yes, bore a hole. Much in the same way you bore a room.

Leonardo and Zoroaster arriving in Naples right before Bayezid seemed a little far fetched, but it did allow for the other leg of the Lorenzo/Lucrezia triangle to have a bit of screen time. Even though Leonardo and Lucrezia didn’t spend a lot of time together, what time they did have was worth the wait. Even though I still believe Leo deserves better than her, it was great to watch him reunite with his boo. When Leo wasn’t spending a few moments with Lucrezia, he was concocting plans to save the day, and even had an extremely awkward heart-to-heart with his old man. It’s obvious Pietro has difficulty showing his feelings towards his son, but at hopefully Leo got the message that his father does care about him. Maybe there’s hope for the two of them yet.

Alfonso: My father was a monster who deserved every bit of his end.

Lorenzo: And you are every bit of his son.


No Reason to Fear…

It appears Constantinople will play a big part of season 3. Not only did we meet a few new characters, and get a wider glimpse of the political landscape, but we also learned Leo’s mother was Turkish. After this discovery, it wasn’t that shocking to discover the Sultan’s fortuneteller was in fact Leo’s mother, Christina. However, this reveal will bring huge ramifications. For starters, Leonardo created a device to blow the Sultan’s ships out of the water, and a moment before detonation learns his mother was aboard one of the ships. Secondly, Leo had also discovered the Book of Leaves was taken to his mother’s childhood home and hidden away. While we haven’t met the Sultan yet, his presence has had a huge impact. Not only does Christina have some sort of strange relationship with the man, but his son seems determined to live up to his father’s reputation. With the Duke of Urbino dead, and the Fake Pope desperate to hang onto his throne, a new leader will be a welcome addition to season 3.

Bayezid: If my father finds you so trustworthy, why does he keep you in chains?

Christina: I prefer these chains to yours. They are the kind I can see.

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Movin’ on Up…

Vanessa’s baby was finally born, and thanks to Nico’s (Niccolo Macchiavelli!!!) master forgery skills, Vanessa finds herself the most powerful person in Florence. Following Verrucchio’s death, the last thing Vanessa wanted was to be tied to the Medici family. Everyone who gets close to them seems to come to a bad end, and when the news that Carlo de Medici was a villain reached Vanessa, the thought that she slept down the hall from a killer was too much to bear. This reminder that a Medici must always reside in Florence was a nice touch, since most of us probably forgot that little tidbit. With Lorenzo fighting in Naples, and a humiliated Clarice riding off to parts unknown, it will be interesting watching Vanessa try her hand at ruling. The ex-barmaid had a good head on her shoulders, but it will be interesting to see if she remains critical of the Medici after she walks a few miles in their shoes.

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Director Peter Hoar directed an episode that kept us on the edge of our seats from beginning to end. Whether we covered our eyes from the Riario torture porn or cheered when Vanessa stood up to Clarice, “The Sins of Daedalus” thrilled. Writers Corey Reed and Marco Ramirez wrapped up the season in a tight bow, while still managing to leave us panting for more. The manner in which Nico was revealed to be Niccolo Machiavelli was masterfully done. As surprising as it was, it also made me feel like I should have realized it all along. Especially considering Machiavelli wrote his most famous novel, The Prince, was dedicated to none other than Lorenzo “Il Magnifico” de Medici himself.

Another big reveal was that Leonardo’s mother was the mysterious Turkish woman who hypnotized information out of Lucrezia. Christine seems to be a woman of some power despite the chains she wears, and somehow manages to give the impression that she could rid herself of them if she wanted. Even though this revelation came at the end of the episode, it helped fuel excitement for next season. Like last season, much happened in the finale, but loads was left to be resolved when Da Vinci’s Demons returns in 2015. As frustrating as that can be, it really makes this show something I look forward to every year, and it appears that won’t change with the coming season.

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Questions… Comments…. Concerns…

  • The Order of the Dragon was mentioned during the bizarrely entertaining powwow between Alfonso, the Fake Pope, and Lorenzo. Looks like Vlad Tepes may be making a comeback. Considering the bad way things ended between Dracula, Leonardo, and Zoroaster, this could prove disastrous.
  • Hope Clarice’s tryst with Carlo was worth it. He’s cost her some mad loot, embarrassment, and a ruined reputation. Now he’s even cost Clarice her home. I just hope she’s gone after him for revenge. How cool would that be?
  • Vanessa really moved on up. No deluxe apartment in the sky, but she does have a palace. Not too shabby!
  • Now that Nico’s identity has been revealed, I’m hoping Eros Vlahos gets a bigger role next season. He’s been fantastic in the role, and I would love to see more of Nico’s bad-ass evolution. Besides, it seems about time Nico began turning into the Machiavelli we all know.
  • Did Lucrezia know her father escaped? Has she gone to meet him?
  • Is it possible Riario is just playing along with being brainwashed and is really just a spy? (Don’t crush my dreams!)
  • Christina seemed to be aware Leonardo was looking at her. Does this mean she has a plan to keep herself from getting blown to bits?
  • Carlo’s comments made it seemed like he knew Christina intimately. Did he, or was that just something he implied for Leonardo’s benefit?