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Something Classically Contemporary in Dominions’ New Key Art Poster

Gearing up for the summer premiere of Dominion, Syfy’s senior vp of creative James Spence released it’s latest poster and share’s how he came about the idea for this key art. The poster isn’t what we’d expect, which was mostly a contemporary modern feel to this new supernatural series but instead we got a throwback to what he calls ‘subverted classical paintings.’ Spence continues, “Much like Banksy when he subverted classical paintings. I thought it would be really compelling to subvert a classic image of an angel with a contemporary image of a gunfight (of which there are many in the show!). We worked with photographer Peter Lippmann to build up our image. Peter is a master of shooting images that look like they’ve been painted. The result is an image that at first glance appears like a renaissance image – the light, color and form of the image adheres to all the classic tropes – but on second glance it’s anything but.”

So we sent our teen correspondent Remington from TADsays the poster below to a group of teenagers fifteen to nineteen and ask them to describe what they thought this television poster represent. They know nothing about the show itself and this is some of the comments that were made about the key art. We mesh a group of their comments together and below is the result.

The poster has a dark angel that looks like he could be a royal commander suited up with armor wearing a leathered skirt. The sword has this very slick, clean, solid look showcasing it as a deadly weapon meant to deliver a permanent execution. Think about a more powerful version of samurai sword. The red cape which could represent that he’s higher up in power. But what’s more shocking is the guy being confronted by the dark angel, has two guns and aiming it at him possibly in a defense position whose the bad guy, it’s hard to tell in this poster. – That seemed to be the one part of the art work some didn’t know how to feel about it. As it quickly caught on that this may be a dark tale of good versus evil in what they say could be a spartan warrior battle with modern day gun slinger. The anticipation on what the series was about grew and invoked lots of discussion.

When asked if this would be a television series they would watch based on the poster 70% of the group said yes and everyone said looks more like a movie they would get into. Upon hearing this we of course mentioned that the tv series is in fact based of the hit film Legion (2010).

Syfy unleashes Dominion, ThursdayJune 19 at 9|8c

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Source: Syfy