Dominion Season 1 Cast Promotional Photos


Dominion Family Gabriel and Michael

Quick Snip Character Photo Guide and Description of The Men and Ladies of Dominion

Syfy released the first set of cast promotional photos for the sci-fi supernatural series Dominion.

The Men of Dominion

  • Gabriel, plays by Carl Beukes, led an army of angels against mankind, nearly decimating the human race. Only Michael was able to stop him from totally annihilating the populace.
  • Alex Lannon, a member of Vega’s Archangel Corps was abandoned by his father at a young age. The Corps was his only family.
  • Alan Dale plays General Edward Riesen, the Lord of the City. Riesen was a key figure in the Extermination War, the epic battle between humans and angels that wiped out most of the human race.
  • Anthony Stewart Head plays Senator David Whele, one of the ruling class.
  • Luke Allen-Gale plays William Whele, David’s son and the leader of the Church of the Savior.

Dominion Gabriel

The Ladies of Dominion

  • Roxanne McKee plays Claire Riesen, daughter of the city’s most powerful man, General Edward Riesen.
  • Shivani Ghai plays Arika, the cunning wife of Evelyn, Queen of Helena. Helena is one of the other cities that have arisen in the aftermath of the Extermination War.
  • Rosalind Halstead plays Becca Thorn, a Senator in charge of all medical and scientific research in Vega.

Dominion Becca Thorn

Dominion Romance

Dominion Romance Claire and Alex

Dominion Romance Becca and Michael

  • Claire and Alex are in love, having met when he was assigned as a guard for House Riesen. Only problem – relationships between the ruling class and the soldier class is strictly forbidden.
  • Becca is also Michael’s lover. Michael as in Michael the archangel. He’s Vega’s sworn protector. 

Dominion Family

  • Claire is the heir apparent to her father’s role as ruler of Vega.
  • Riesen and Whele rarely see eye to eye. Whele’s ruthlessness would impress Machiavelli. Factor that in, and you have a dynamic and unpredictable relationship.
  • Luke Allen-Gale plays William Whele, David’s son and the leader of the Church of the Savior.
  • Father and son couldn’t be more different, but both dream big. David has his eyes on controlling the city, while William only wants Claire.
  • Protector against his brother, Gabriel. Yes, that Gabriel.

Dominion Family William and David

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