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Pick-Up Lines, Superman, Ballsy Confidence & Personal Vices – We Get The Dish From Hit The Floor’s Newest Hottie “Adam Senn”

Don’t be distracted by his lusty stare – Adam Senn is more than just his chiseled torso and luscious lips. A recently-claimed series regular on VH1’s breakout series Hit the Floor; Senn portrays one of the star players on the Devils basketball team. Described as “the guy your mother warned you about,” his character Zero is charismatic, gorgeous, successful and intelligent – and a welcome addition to the already fantastic cast.

While he is most recognizable from features in Dolce & Gabbana advertisements, Senn has also starred alongside the likes of Meagan Good, Whitney Port, Jay Lyon and Erin Lucas. He was cast as “Hank Roberts” on prominent crime drama series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and starred in a number of short films, such as Losing Sam (2011) and Head Spinner (2013). Now his career has taken him to VH1’s highest-rated freshman series as the show moves into its second season.

We at TV After Dark were lucky enough to chat with Senn about all things Hit the Floor, his love for acting and the ideal roles he’d like to play. Senn dished on how close Zero’s personality is to his own, as well as the sexy yet sinful scene he acted out a few episodes ago. We learnt about his intense workouts, Zero’s vices and who he’d play if he wasn’t Hit the Floor’s newest hottie. Want to know more? Check out our delicious interview with Adam Senn below!

TV After Dark | What sparked your interest in acting?
Adam Senn | When I was a kid, I was originally raised by my mother, grandparents and uncle, [but my] uncle raised me on horror films, every Friday night we had movie night. It was a horror film night and I saw movies I probably shouldn’t be watching at that age. I was watching Hell Raiser, Chucky; all kinds of old-school corny horror films and then later in my life – around eight or nine – I went to live with my father and mother. He made me catch up on the things he was raised with as a kid, all the old-school black and whites, all the old classics.

What’s your favorite one to watch?
Hands down Cool Hand Luke. Definitely one of the most memorable films with my dad, and I became such a huge Paul Newman fan as a kid. Then when I was twelve I enrolled in a theatre program here in Houston and then I took theatre all through high school and I couldn’t quite grasp how you got into that TV tube. How did that work? And I didn’t get it. So when I was eighteen I had a scholarship to go to college for golf and I told my dad I really want to be an actor, and I had been approached to model and I said I don’t know about this modeling stuff but if it allows me to go to New York and he said the only way you can go is if you enroll into an acting class in New York and that’s exactly what I did. The modeling stuff kind of picked up before the acting did.

Did you have an idea of the type of roles you wanted to play?
Of course we all want to play roles that aren’t necessarily our strong suit. I don’t know if I’d ever be a John Malcholvich but hell I’d love to be… or a Gary Oldman. Gary Oldman I’ve always been a huge fan of [him]. I don’t know, I definitely wanted to play out-of-the-box characters and fortunately with Zero….I didn’t realize it, and grasped it but I came to find out he is definitely one of the most dynamic characters on the show.

Had you heard of Hit The Floor before auditioning?
Yea I’d heard of it but I had never seen it.

Did you watch the first season?
Of course.

What was your initial reaction when you watched season one?
I watched the first two episodes of the show and since I’ve watched hundreds and thousands of films growing up, so I critique everything from the director, the writing, the lighting. I’m the biggest stickler for props; like if somebody misplaces a prop I’m all over it. So I definitely watched it from that stand point. I’m also a businessman at heart so I can definitely see the structure of the show itself; its good content and the type of drama we love to watch with characters we love to love and love to hate.

Adam Senn as "Zero"

Did you find Zero challenging to play?
Oh my God, at first. It’s not like a movie where you get to know the end… we’re only given the script the week before we’re supposed to tape it, so basically you don’t know where the character is actually going so it’s super challenging. Especially when you’re shooting a schedule two episodes at a time and having to jump back and forth on scenes. I can’t give away too much so soon just yet, [but] you’ll see how Zero is dynamic. There’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.

How similar is Zero’s personality to your own?
I have a friend of mine who put it the right way the other day. Zero is almost everything you always kind of thought of doing, or thought of being with that confidence and you’d never actually (excuse my language) but have the balls to do it.

Where do you draw your inspiration from to play this character?
There are quite a few different guys but mostly an old TV show with Bruce Willis called Moonlighting.

Zero doesn’t seem quite capable of a relationship in comparison with the other guys. Was that scripted or is that how you’re playing him?
Ummm…It’s scripted [but it’s] also inside him. He is looking for that love.

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The church scene was a hot sinful moment. When you see that kind of scene in your script what’s your first reaction?
Of course in my mind I wanted everything to be done in a respectful, classy way. You can’t help but read a script and try to imagine how this is going to play out in your head. But the real key to reading a script is not having any of those images at all of how to do it. So when I read it I really try to push that away and go into that scene very natural and unscripted. And its television so I thought the church scene would be entertaining.

How did you go into playing this scene with the Logan Browning who plays Jelena?
You are talking about when I save the day right?

Is that what you call it, saving the day? [Laughs]
Yes, that’s what I like to call it. [Laughs] The idea behind it for the character is a moment of greatness for him, for him to come in and save the day and kind of be the hero and heroes get rewarded. You know, that sex scene was actually filmed in a cemetery. It had to be moved because of timing; they had to move the built confessional and [then] brought it into the burial scene and at around midnight we got into that confessional and shot that.

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How many takes to do that scene, was it a relatively quick shoot?
It was actually fairly timely. We got in there and with both weeks of filming together there was a bit of anxiety, [but] she was super professional as soon as we started. She asked for the music and they brought the biggest speaker you’ve ever seen into the cemetery and they started playing Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love.

It’s weird though, Zero seems to be this cool “I’m going to be a team player” kind of guy. Is it possible that he has ulterior motives?
I mean, of course I can’t say that at the moment. As far as we know he’s a genuine, loving, God-fairing guy and I think he has a taste, maybe a little bit for the controversial women.

His need to get Jelena seemed to be – at first – about the chase, but now what would motivate Zero to date this girl who clearly is just using him as a bed pillow and is still not over her ex?
I think Jelena is always back and forth with him. It’s a little touch and go and until he feels she is fully secure and fully his. And you know what, for one thing they had sex but they haven’t kissed yet and there’s something to say there I think.

Will we see a switch in his approach to getting Jelena? Because his current approach only seems to work on getting her in the bedroom and that might be by default. Or is there a bigger story or ulterior motive we’re yet to learn?
Definitely, I think Zero is the kind of guy who is going to get what he wants and he’s no stranger to working hard and getting what he wants. This guy is a professional basketball and I like to think that anybody who’s an athlete puts ten thousand hours into anything to be great – even if it comes to women. So if that is what he really wants he will pull out all the stops to get her.

You hair is absolutely perfect; your clothing well-tailored. I feel that shows a lot of how polished Zero is. Will we see as the season goes on a Zero that comes unravelled?
We definitely pulled that from a couple of real athletes, [like] David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo. And I’m a big fan of Chandler Parsons as I’m from Houston and he’s kind of an inspiration – whenever I was auditioning to come up for a back story for Zero, I used Chandler Parsons story a bit: not too closely just loosely, but those athletes just take care of themselves and show off here and there, with their perfect hair cut that’s different from the rest and what’s so funny in my real life I’m so not that guy. I’ve already dyed my hair back and it’s already growing out. That’s the first thing I did. We dyed my hair, had it cut short and I thought it was a great character choice but it’s definitely not me in the real world. – But yea as far as unravelling it’s tough to mess up that hair when it’s glued in so tight. [laughs] But that’s where a lot of the excitement will come from.

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I’m not sure you have body fat, but I can’t imagine there’s one place on you to the touch that wouldn’t melt ice – you’re just that hot. But what are your own personal vices you’d like to change? And do you think Zero has any of his own? He seems so self-assured; almost cocky.
I definitely stepped it up for this role. Really, I want to be the best actor I can be, even with my own personal body. I was up for this other film… and it didn’t work out, but this character was eating cockroaches off the ground so he was a good thirty pounds underweight. But for my own personal preferences I like pushing my body one way or the other to see where my body can go. It’s really cool to see and understand how your body works, whether you want to gain weight or lose weight. I put on a good eight pounds for this character and it’s really hard for me to put on weight. If you’re a professional athlete you’re in the gym 3-5 hours a day and that’s what I did. I double timed it and so did Rob and McKinley … oh my god, just to stand up next to those boys. I didn’t want to stand up next to them as the tiny little white boy. [laughs]

There’s a lot of power play and dominance between Zero and Jelena on the floor and in the bedroom. It seems that Jelena may be winning in this tango dance of sorts you’re playing. Certainly, in the bedroom she always seems to be on top taking control. We sort of see Zero in this submissive place with Jelena. Is that intentional?
I think it’s playing to a bigger part you just haven’t seen yet. There’s a lot more to come with their relationship growing and them possibly coming together.

Do you think Zero has any vices that might show up in the upcoming episodes?You’re so good, I love your questions. That’s a very valid question but that’s something you’re going to have to wait and find out.

Hit The Floor Adam Senn

What’s your favorite line in the show so far? If it’s not spoilery can you say it?
I’ll tell you what the toughest line for me to say was. It’s funny, I was out on the ranch with my buddy who had caught the show and he’s from south, south Texas and he just happened to be watching the television and heard the line I said and I knew he’d give me a tough time and that line was, “I don’t know if you heard but I’m a millionaire.” [laughs] and I couldn’t believe that because my jaw would drop if I ever heard anybody say that.

How many times did you practice that line?
A million times. I think that was part of the audition. But to answer your question, my favorite line was the entire monologue at the church in the second episode.

Representing swirling on the show – if there was another character you would go for on the show who would it be?
I’ve been hearing that lingo but there is so much lingo I’m unaware of so tell me what is that? (explains the term of him being a swirler and we laugh) Well answering the other character I’ve always been a fan of Superman; Dean Cain is looking pretty cute. [laughs] No I’m kidding, I don’t know that’s a tough one to say, maybe Jodi who plays Lionel Davenport.

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In A Hot Minute: Rapid fire questions we ask Adam about himself.

Favorite Ice cream?
Brown sugar Vanilla.

Boxer or briefs or…?

Favorite sleeping position?
Left side face down.

What’s on your iPod right now?
Cross Canadian Ragweed.

You love playing golf, what other sport is your guilty pleasure?

Favorite body part to kiss on a girl?

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Coffee or tea?
Tea, ice tea.

Burger or Pizza?

First thing you notice when a girl talks to you?

What’s a line you used to pick up a girl that worked?
Lunch tomorrow, personally.

And it worked?
Oh yea, I own a restaurant in New York.

When you’re not watching Hit The Floor name your top two TV shows?
Tosh.O and Ridiculousness.

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Hit The Floor airs Mondays at 9|8c on VH1