Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg Talks Game Changer for ‘The 100’ Season Finale


We Are Grounders – Part II

The 100 Finale Will Blow Your Mind!

It’s a season finale that will end in a big boom according to executive producer, Jason Rothenberg in an interview with KSiteTV. Rothenberg talks about the relationships between Clarke, Finn and Bellamy. It’s great news and not so good news as he confirms that Clarke is indeed in love with Finn, so what that means for Bellarke fans, is that it may be a rough ride on the love boat for season two but he ensures that you never say never.

Rothenberg also teases on the finale cliffhanger, “One of the things that we do is [that] we like to end on a big boom, and literally, I always say “boom out” at the end of a script, and that’s what we do when we live-tweet, too. We really do try to end things with a bang, and I think that this episode in particular launches us into Season 2 in a way, I think, that is almost a quiet bang on some levels, but it certainly changes the game. I definitely feel like the ending of this episode will blow people’s minds, will have them realizing that we knew where we were going all along, and that we know where we’re going next year.”

When you read responses like “changes the game,”especially after watching all that enfolded in the past twelve episodes of The 100. You can’t help but be excited about tonights eight o’clock conclusion of We Are Grounders Part II”. What is it that could possibly be that mind blowing? Check out the full interview.