The Following Episode 1.13 “Havenport” – MVA Revealed



Kole pulls off the duplicity of Sheriff Nelson

There were quite a few turning points for different characters in The Following episode 1.13; however, the MVA award for Havenport goes to Warren Kole for his swan song as Sheriff Tim “Roderick” Nelson. He has boyish good looks but is able to pull off this character that is evil, cunning and irrationally crazy all at the same time. The character is well written, and Kole pulls off the duplicity of Sheriff Nelson very well.

From the previews from the last episode, we know as soon as this episode begins that it probably can’t end well for Sheriff Nelson since the FBI are camping out in his station closing in on the location of the house that is serving as a compound for the Joe Carroll cult. Kole pulls of the shifty looking eyes that let you know that there is a cold and calculating killer behind that baby face. Kole expertly plays the cool under pressure bad guy on several occasions in this episode, but as the episode goes on and we see the cult unravel, we see the kinks in Roderick’s cool and calm bad guy demeanor also start to break out in moments of panic.

“Just enough to clue in the audience that a psychopathic brain is at work underneath.”

Warren Kole The Following

When Agent Weston recognizes and confronts Roderick in the sheriff’s station, rather than panic, Roderick gets cocky, stares down the point of the gun and is brash enough to ask him if he should still be in the hospital near death. He then just walks away from him and right out the door. The best scene of the episode is probably the confrontation between Roderick and cult leader Joe Carroll. Roderick was one of his first students, and has remained loyal to Joe in the face of many other challenges but takes it a step too far when he tells Joe that he has been out risking everything for him while he stays home trying to write a story where he can wine and dine his wife and “it’s never going to happen again”. At that point is when Joe overpowers Roderick and chokes him out. Joe’s overconfidence in his power over his cult members lets Roderick storm off. Roderick’s last betrayal to Joe and the cult is knocking down Claire and kidnapping Joey.

Kole somehow pulls off this character that the audience loves to hate. The shifting eyes are so evil and his expressions are just enough to clue in the audience that a psychopathic brain is at work underneath that neatly combed blond hair. For convincing us that someone so young and good looking is an evil psychotic killer, Warren Kole gets the MVA this week for his last performance as Sheriff Tim “Roderick” Nelson.

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