The Following Episode 1.14 “The End is Near” – MVA Revealed


Valorie Curry The Following Episode 1.14

Emma’s love for Jacob versus Carroll

Valorie Curry as Emma Hill wins the MVA (Most Valuable Actor) award for The Following episode 1.14 – ‘The End is Near’. Her character, Emma is very complex and Curry plays all the nuances and complexities of her character so well. In this episode in particular, we see the ‘calm crazy’ of Emma in place of the usual cool, calculating evil of Joe Carroll since he is unwinding and falling apart. In contrast to the cult leader, it is little, petite and crazy Emma who has everything in control this episode.

Emma is carrying on the plan that Carroll’s cult has evidently been pain-stakingly planned out this whole time which we see to start to unfold in ‘The End is Near’. While Carroll is unraveling, bleeding profusely, and drinking even more, she is calm and evil in his place. She racks up three kills in this episode and three counts of kidnapping.

Emma tells Jacob “I love you too”, and she kisses Jacob. She then says “but I love Joe too, and I don’t know how to love you both”

Valorie Curry The Following

Even though we saw Joe’s death coming just like he did for several episodes now he has been predicting that he is going to die. After making up with Emma and kissing earlier in the episode, perhaps the viewers were supposed to think that Jacob, played by Nico Tortorella, could talk some reason into Emma and convince her that this cannot end well for them. You have to wonder if Emma is just delusional about what will happen with her and Joe or if she just does not care about her life at all. In the scene in the car with Jacob after they just helped Joe Carroll to escape on the boat with Claire, she doesn’t seem to think that she will end up like all the other followers who have sacrificed themselves for the cause, for the cult, and for Carroll. Jacob asks her to run away with him. He tells her he loves her, but that he is leaving with or without her. All of the foreboding of Jacob’s death finally comes to an end and poor Jacob made the last in a series of very poor decisions in his short life. Emma tells Jacob “I love you too”, and she kisses Jacob. She then says “but I love Joe too, and I don’t know how to love you both”, and she slits Jacob’s throat and ‘lovingly’ comforts him and watches as he bleeds to death in the passenger seat of the car. She does not even seem to show the slightest bit of remorse for killing him either.

Valorie Curry looks so cute and innocent, and perhaps that is why she pulls of the cold, calculating killer so well. The last thing she looks like is a crazy, cold blooded killer. Emma is the character that we as the audience hate perhaps even more than Joe Carroll. Even though he controls all of his followers, it seems that Emma deserves what she gets and even knows that she will never be happy, but will continue just with the evil bidding necessary to prove her love to Carroll, even though her love and affection will always be unrequited.

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