The Following Episode 1.15 “The Last Chapter” – MVA Revealed


Kevin Bacon - The Following Episode 1.15 – The Last Chapter

The final despair on the look of Kevin Bacon’s face.

Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy wins the MVA (Most Valuable Actor) award for The Following episode 1.15 – ‘The Final Chapter’.  Kevin Bacon is the headlining star of the show, he plays FBI agent Ryan Hardy and his role in this Season 1 Finale was a very emotionally demanding one; he kept the audience gripped to the edges of their seats in the roller coaster ride ending to the first season. Kevin Bacon really makes us feel Hardy’s desperation and anger in this episode especially, but throughout the entire season.

“What has The Following done to viewers? Are we becoming cold blooded killers just like the followers?”

Kevin Bacon The Following

Rarely do we get so behind the hero of a show that we are rooting for him to kill the bad guy(s) than in this episode. I do not know about you, but I felt no remorse when he shot Carroll’s follower Alex in the head at point blank range. In fact, I was yelling at my television screen, no chanting at it, telling Hardy and Weston to bury that sucker alive, just like he had done to Parker. The hero is supposed to do no harm, not to mention that FBI agents are not supposed to kidnap, torture, or kill the bad guys; but in my opinion, Hardy gets a pass for his behavior because of everything he has been through. What has The Following done to viewers? Are we becoming cold blooded killers just like the followers? Maybe we just understand that the killing and evil will continue until Joe Carroll and all of his brain washed, evil followers are dead. In this episode, not only does Hardy throw out the rule book when it comes to Alex, but he then abandons Agent Weston in the woods when he reads Carroll’s manuscript stating that Hardy has to come alone. We understand and empathize with Hardy most in this episode and we understand his actions. He does not want any more dead people on his conscience. Plus, he is trying to save Claire, and if he has to worry about other agents being killed in the process, he would be distracted from his main objective. In the end, we are left wondering if Joe Carroll could really be dead and the final despair on the look of Kevin Bacon’s face as he portrays Ryan Hardy being betrayed by Molly. The image of his look and screams of disbelief are haunting, and all that we are left with until we find out the fate of our troubled characters in season 2.

All season long, Kevin Bacon has been perfect as Ryan Hardy. It is a very convincing portrayal of a broken and troubled FBI agent who gets too close to his work for his own good. We see him and understand him as an FBI agent who is willing to bend the rules and walk on the edge of the law in order to achieve the right result for good in the end. I am left wondering how his character will have changed by season 2 with the cliff hanger ending from this season one finale episode. Will season 2 pick up where we left off in Hardy’s apartment or will we move forward in time and see the results of Molly’s stabbing?

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