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Ryan Hardy Returns to Comic Con

FOX’s hit psychological thriller, The Following doesn’t return for it’s third season until mid-season of the network’s Fall 2014-2015 season The series follows former detective, Ryan Hardy as he is summoned to consult on an ongoing case that involves an enemy from his past. Joe Carroll, a brilliant and charismatic, yet psychotic serial killer that communicates with other active serial killers to activate a cult of believers willing to follow his every command.

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Live updates from The Following’s Comic Con Q&A panel with series stars Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore, Sam Underwood and Jessica Stroup join creator/executive producer Kevin Williamson and executive producer Marcos Siega.

11:32 AM – Kevin talks about how his character will be better in himself in S2, after coming to a better place at the end of the finale.

11:35 AM – But in S3? Because of how he’s grown as a person, they must have a bigger, badder, much more complicated villain to throw at Ryan.

11:39 AM – Jessica Stroup talks about Max and the fact that she loves the strength and depth she has in herself.

11:40 AM – In S3, NY will go into lock down because of this new threat, and indeed the city itself will actually be a character next season.

11:41 AM – We’re going to see a lot of urban paranoia next season, too.

11:45 AM – Kevin Williamson & Kevin Bacon tease the new character in Ryan’s life, and that in the beginning he’s actually happy with her & his life.

11:47 AM – Kevin Williamson also wants to explore the characters much more in S3, despite the show by nature being very plot driven at the moment.

11:55 AM – MAN, these guys are tight lipped as far as spoilers and teasers go! So intriguing. Either way Following fans, there is awesomeness in store.

11:58 AM – The cast just pulled their cameras out & took videos of the audience. Go make your IMDB pages erryone in Hall H! You famous now!

12:01 PM – Marco Siego says that as he comes from NY, the subway scene in S2 was the scariest for him to watch. He’d hate to feel so trapped.

12:15 AM – Shawn says he’d never met the actor who played his dad, so the tears when his father got his throat slit were just some of his best acting.

The Following‘s third season premieres mid-season on FOX.

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