Game of Thrones Episode (4×06) Review – “The Laws of Gods and Men”



“It’s All About the Benjamins” In This Week Game of Thrones

This week’s Game of Thrones season 4 entry wasn’t the most exciting of the bunch. Stannis and Davos went begging at the Iron Bank so they could afford to continue their campaign for the Iron Throne. If Melissandre is as powerful as she claims, why can’t she make them money? Hell, Jesus managed to turn water into wine! What can this chick do beside burn folks at the stake and birth a smoke monster? Who’s she kidding? She borrowed Smoke from the island from Lost. Now that Drogon is feeding himself, the Meereenese are up and arms over their lost livestock. Dany already has 99 problems, and that b*tch shouldn’t be one. Yara arrived at the Dreadfort to rescue her little bro, but Theon Reek has come down with a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. Speaking of which, can it still be called Stockholm Syndrome if Theon’s in Westeros? Lastly, Tyrion’s trial began, and while the best part had to be him giving the court the finger with one of the best rants known to man, the rest of the kangaroo court was too painful to watch. Now you’re all good and caught up, let’s dissect the episode!

Game of Thrones 406 7

Wanna be ballers? Shot-callers?…Making good on his promise to contact the Iron Bank of Braavos for a loan, Davos took Stannis, hat in hand, to beg funds to continue their quest for the Iron Throne. While the opening moments when head banker Tychos Nestoris acted like he didn’t know which one of the men was Stannis Baratheon were highly amusing, but the remainder of the scene was a big snoozefest. In the books the Iron Bank becomes very important, but watching people haggle over finance doesn’t exactly get my heart racing. How about you? I’ll wager a guess and say, “No”. What did we learn? Davos managed to get Stannis the money by reminding the banker that turning away the “true” king based on false loyalty to the Lannisters was faulty thinking. Tywin isn’t going to live forever, and the way his family is out for each other’s throats, their relationship with the Lannisters will probably die with him.

Davos: When Tywin is gone, who do you back?

Game of Thrones 406 8

“We don’t need no thought control…”…Yara decided to lead a rescue attempt for Theon, and exact vengeance against those that severed Little Theon and mailed him to the Iron Islands. Sounds like a decent plan, but after a bit of slaughter it all fell apart when Ramsay unleashed a pack of wild dogs on the rescuers. Why didn’t Yara and the gang stab them? Who knows, but it allowed Theon, now Reek, to remain at the Dreadfort to help Ramsey carry out his next plan. Not sure what the plan is, but Reek needs to pretend to be Theon again in order to carry it out, and the first order of business is for him to take a bath. Ramsay sponging Reek down at bath time was disturbing on many levels. For one, I just knew there wan’t just soap and water in the tub. I was wrong, but who can blame me? Ramsay is mad as a hatter, and capable of just about anything. Even though there wasn’t any sulfuric acid in the tub, it still gave me the skeevies to watch Ramsay put his hands on Reek after castrating him. The mere fact Theon would even let him shows just how little of Theon remains. Yara is right. Theon is dead.

Yara: My brother is dead

Game of Thrones 406

“The Unsullied are very impressive in the battlefield. Less so in the bedroom.”…While Dany is busy being a queen in Meereen, part of which means hearing her subjects’ grievances, the Privy Council at the Red Keep in Westeros is beginning to sweat. Wasn’t it just a season ago Tywin shrugged off the “rumors” of Dany’s dragons? Not anymore! Now the dude believes, and is beginning to grow worried. The dragons may be young now, but they’re growing bigger every day. One day, they will be big enough for Dany to fly across the Narrow Sea to lay waste to Westeros and reclaim the Iron Throne. While Twyin believes in being cautious by asking Varys to send in a spy to Dany’s court, Cersei just gives side-eye. Funny. Every thing Cersei wished she could have done, Dany has accomplished. As fascinating as this snark session was, the most interesting thing to happen in it came after everyone left. Oberyn and Varys had an interesting conversation about the sexual identity of a eunuch and desires, which fave us some insight into Varys. Turns out he may not desire either men or women, but the Iron Throne. Looks like another contender has entered the ring!

Varys: The absence of desire leaves on free to pursue other things.

Game of Thrones 406 2

“I’ll take my place as your son if you let Tyrion live.”…After the council session dispersed, Tywin decided to begin Tyrion’s trial. In one word? A farce. Everyone and their mother showed up to tell lies, pervert the truth, and vilify Tyrion and defame his chracter.  Pycelle revealed how Tyrion stole potions from his room back in season 2, while playing the victim. Meryn Trant told all the mean things Tyrion said to Joffrey, while omiting how he beat and humiliated Sansa. Even Cersei replayed arguments she had with her little brother, all the while forgetting her replies or the circumstances in which the arguments took place. Even though all of this was bad, the last straw came after the trial continued following a recess. Shae perjured herself and said how she overheard Sansa and Tyrion plotting to kill Joffrey, and that she was Tyrion’s lover against her will. No arrow could have pierced Tyrion’s heart more than to hear a women he loved, and thought loved him, lie on the stand. While it’s unsure if this was payback for Tyrion dumping her or if Shae was being paid by the Lannisters with either gold or her life, what’s apparent is how painful this was for Tyrion to endure.

Tyrion: Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores!

In one of the best monologues ever known, Tyrion told off the entire court. It was masterful, if stupid, since it did him no favors. Before Tyrion lost his temper, Jaime assured him that if Tyrion confessed he’d be sent to the Wall. Instead, Tyrion basically told everyone he wished they were dead, and to f*ck off. Now he’s trying to pull the same move he did back in season 1, and have his fate determined by single-combat. Whether or not Bronn takes up arms again as Tyrion’s champion remains to be seen, but even with his temper lost, it appears that Tyrion has a plan up his sleeve. Any guesses?

Game of Thrones 406 3

Bryan Cogman wrote a compelling script, but aside from the trial the episode wasn’t the most exciting of episosdes this season. It’s not Cogman’s fault, however, as the episode’s exposition was needed to understand the last episodes of the season. Director Alik Sakharov did a great job of showing how different each local was from the next. The camera shots allowed viewers to get a look at the fantastic sets, while making this world seem as large as it’s supposed to feel. “The Laws of Gods and Men” may not have been the most compelling episode, but it did manage to make me feel as if something major was about to go down quite soon. Could it be Dany hooking up with the handsome man who wanted his father’s body? Will Tyrion’s head roll after all?  Maybe, Davos will continue to make it rain at the bathhouses all over the kingdoms. Who knows, but excitement is in the air. No matter what happens, it’ll have to be major to top the Red Wedding.

Game of Thrones 406 6


  • So Jaime was going to give in and be Tywin’s heir just to save Tyrion’s neck? Good for him, except this doesn’t put him back in my good graces. His rape of Cersei has assassinated his character and it’s going to take more for him to be redeemed.
  • Davos and Sallador’s friendship made the whole banking scenario fun. They truly seem to care for one another, and that says loads on a show where everyone is looking to put a knife in each other’s backs.
  • LOL at Dany for not realizing being a Queen means more than conquering cities. She’s holding up well under the pressure, though.
  • Thank you Tywin for pointing out to Cersei how stupid it was to fire Baristan Selmy from the Kingsguard.
  • I hoped all season Shae’s storyline would be different in the show, because in my opinion she was a more likable character in the show than in the books. I guess that just makes it all the more painful.
  • How does Stannis plan to pay off his loan? As was pointed out, he doesn’t produce anything be it food or product. Most of his ships were burned in the Blackwater. His plan can’t be to win the crown and then use the treasury to pay the loan back, can it? Bahahahaha….