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Hannibal Takes a Bite Out of Comic Con

NBC’s dark drama, Hannibal returns for it’s third season in 2015 and fans are anxious to see what’s in store for The BAU team. At the end of season two, Hannibal got ready to face Agent Jack and Will Graham prepared for justice to be served by attempting to catch Hannibal in act. But Hannibal had a few surprises up his sleeves.

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Live updates of the Comic Con Q & A panel with Hannibal stars Caroline Dhavernas (Dr. Alana Bloom), Scott Thompson, and Aaron Abrams (Special Agents Jimmy Price and Brian Zeller) and xecutive producer/creator Bryan Fuller, executive producer/writer Steven Lightfoot, director David Slade and executive producer Martha DeLaurentiis,

4:47 PM – Recap trailer is still as shocking as it was the day it aired.

4:51 PM – “Hopefully next year I’ll see you for a quick lunch.” Mads Mikkelson pays a visit via video cam.

4;55 PM – “Squeeze some information out of Bryan about Season 3.” Hugh Dancy says hi via video cam too

4:58 PM – Surprise guest Raul, who plays Chilton.

4:59 PM – Bryan Fuller says Eddie Izzard will be back via flashback.

4:59 PM – “No sex but lots of violence,” says director David Slade of season 3.

5:00 PM – Bryan Fuller says they’re rolling out new characters in episode 2.

5:02 PM – “We’re Thomas Harris mashup DJs,” Bryan Fuller says of the book to TV transition.

5:04 PM – Martha DeLaurentis says she hopes MGM will let them do Silence of the Lambs.

5:06 PM – Steven Lightfoot says they write for the actor’s best playa.

5:07 PM – “He’s her rock.. That’s why she can’t see it.” Caroline Dhavernas notes why Alana couldn’t see who Hannibal really is.

5:08 PM – “It’s easier to be funny in a horror show than in a comedy,” says Scott Thompson.

5:09 PM – “They’re going to gut you! .. But don’t worry, you’ll survive.” Raul Esparzo talks about being hurt on Hannibal.

5:10 PM – “There are so many layers to this show that we get to play with.” – Raul Esparzo.

5:11 PM – When David Slade began the series, he said he wanted it to be all darkness.

5:12 PM – David Slade says Hugh Dancy had to retake each scene without a break to stay within his emotional state in the finale.

5:13 PM – “Lady horse baby uterus person.” Aaron Abrams says of his favorite kill of this season.

5:14 PM – “Probably the totem pole.” Steven Lightfoot’s favorite murder.

5:15 PM – “The eye of god.” – Martha DeLaurentis’ favorite murder scene.

5:16 PM – “I loved the human chello.” Bryan Fuller’s favorite murder.

5:16 PM – “I kind of like the tree man. He was oddly beautiful.” Caroline’s favorite murder.

5:17 PM – “I think they absolutely have a genuine, pure love for each other.” Bryan Fuller on Hannibal and Will.

5:18 PM – “The mushroom killer… Because not enough people stick it to the diabetics. It’s your time diabetics!” Aaron Abrams favorite murder.

5:20 PM – “We haven’t cast Mirasaki yet.”

5:21 PM – “We just want the show to be gorgeous and as refined as it can be.” – Bryan Fuller.

5:22 PM – “We have a spin off show.. It’s called Catch of the Day” “And we wear purple gloves!” Aaron Abrams & Scott Thompson on the docs.

5:24 PM – “I’m looking for twitter suggestions!” Bryan fuller wants dog name suggestions for Will’s canines!

5:25 PM – “I would love to do a surreal musical scene in Hannibal’s mind palace.” Bryan Fuller.

5:29 PM – “I want to be eaten with your fingers,” says Scott of how he would want to be eaten.

5:30 PM – “I definitely want to be roast pork, like on a spit,” says Raul of how he’d like to be eaten.”Something sweet.. Maybe dessert,” says Caroline of how she’d prefer to be eaten. ie.” says Aaron Abrams.

5:31 PM – “You only see he FBI in one episode of the first seven.” – Bryan Fuller on season 3.

5:33 PM – “This is the greatest day of my life right now.” Raul when he sees a fan dressed as his character.

5:34 PM – The third season begins a year after the events of the season finale!

5:35 PM – Bryan Fuller says we will see Abigail Hobbs again.

5:36 PM – Bryan Fuller sings David Slade’s praises.

5:37 PM – “Will Graham is a mutt collector.” Bryan Fuller says there’s something wonderful about how Will rescues dogs.

5:38 PM – “We needed more females,” says Bryan of substituting male characters in the book for female characters in the show.

5:39 PM – Bryan can’t stop saying “Get a prize get a prize!” to each fan asking a questions.

5:40 PM – “I really applaud Bryan for making some of these masculine characters into females,” says Caroline.

5:41 PM – “I cannot think about genitals when writing characters.” – Bryan Fuller says he only sees them as individuals.

5:42 PM – “I think it was a natural progression,” says Caroline of falling in love with Hannibal.

5:43 PM – There’s a book coming out about the making of Hannibal!!

5:45 PM – Season 2 DVD comes out September 16th.

5:46 PM – 4 volumes of Hannibals music are being released! 2 on August 5th and 2 on September 2nd.

5:48 PM – Show season 2 bloopers.


 Hannibal Returns Early 2015 on NBC

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