Hannibal Review Episode 2×06 – “Futamono”



The Tides of the Season Are Changing With A Dinner Party and Probable Innocence On This Week’s Hannibal

This week’s episode of Hannibal was certainly stomach churning. Will Graham deals with the repercussions of his mediated attack on Hannibal and Jack Crawford faces almost certain danger as he investigates Hannibal Lecter. Being the intelligent psychopath he is, Hannibal is a man with a plan and seems ready for everything Jack throws at him. Abel Gideon finds himself in a dire situation after he reminisces on the murder of the hospital nurse. Things get a little heated between Alana Bloom and Hannibal — what will Will Graham make of this? Let’s try to find out and dig in to this episode! Bon Appetit!

“If the Ripper is killing you can bet Hannibal Lecter is planning a dinner party.”- Will Graham

Hannibal - Season 2

This Calls for a Dinner Party

It is certainly an interesting time to be Will Graham, though he isn’t the focus of the episode. Both Hannibal and Jack confront Will about instigating Hannibal’s almost murder. Just when we expect Jack to see this as damning evidence of Will’s guilt, he seems to take Will’s efforts as a sign of his now possible innocence. Will warns Jack that if the Ripper is killing again, to expect Hannibal Lecter to throw a dinner party. Imagine the look upon Jack’s face when Hannibal announces that he is indeed throwing a dinner party. No detail goes untouched where Hannibal is involved. The camera gives generous attention to Hannibal as he prepares food for his guests.  We get to see in up close glory every fold in Hannibal’s prosciutto roses and beef merlot — or so his recipe cards lead us to believe. Jack arrives at Hannibal’s party intending to grab some food and bolt — to the lab that is! Chilton attends the party too, though simply to avoid Hannibal’s suspicion. Chilton informs Jack that keeping a low profile is probably safest or at least that is what he demonstrates when he scrambles away from Jack when Hannibal tosses them a curious glance. The dinner party was definitely the most suspenseful scene of the episode for me — I was certain that Hannibal knew he had been caught. But of course, Hannibal wouldn’t go down so easily. I suspect that the dinner party was, in part, a sort of test of Jack’s loyalties and reservations.

“I don’t want to be perceived as a threat.”- Chilton

Hannibal - Season 2

Jumping Ship and Changing Sides

Hannibal and Will share a cryptic conversation — at least to Chilton’s ears though it’s clear as day for ours in the audience — about Beverly’s murder and how it motivated Will to ensure Hannibal’s death.  With a very pointed look, Hannibal all but accuses Will of sealing Beverly’s death warrant by sending her after him — Will knows he is acknowledging that he murdered her! Hannibal essentially admits that he applauds Will’s actions because we know along with Will and Hannibal that Hannibal did kill Beverly. Strangely enough, it seems that Will is going to be found innocent as new evidence appears suggesting that there was never a Ripper copycat.

“[Will], you are more in control now than you have ever been.”- Hannibal

I was pleasantly surprised to note that Chilton is perhaps not as useless a psychiatrist as we might have earlier believed, though I still don’t trust him. To his credit, he seems to be the only one apart from Will Graham to suspect “Hannibal the Cannibal”. He claims that “cannibalism is an act of dominance” and we all know that Hannibal likes to be in control. We’ve seen him kill and we’ve seen him save lives, most recently Bella’s. Hannibal Lecter always seems to have complete command of the situation — life or death right down to the food he prepares and the three-piece suit he wears. As Chilton posits, “he fits the profile”. Jack seems to become increasingly suspicious of Hannibal, courtesy of Will and Chilton’s warnings, though it certainly isn’t clear how that dynamic is going to play out. I am sure you are all as eager as I am to see if Jack will catch Hannibal or if Hannibal will catch Jack.

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It’s clear that Jack is onto something, but it seems that Hannibal is three steps ahead of him and us! I am incredibly skeptical that Hannibal is taking a step back from Will and from the FBI and their hunt for the Ripper just because he “nearly died”. It is safe to say that we’re all in the same boat of anticipation wondering what Hannibal could possibly have in store for everyone. It should not escape our notice that in scenes where Jack is supposedly making progress towards catching Hannibal the scene cuts to Hannibal composing his music — a metaphor for Hannibal’s control and orchestration?

Hannibal - Season 2

Sleeping With the Enemy?

Speaking of Hannibal’s manipulations, what on Earth is going on between Hannibal and Alana? Is this Hannibal’s way of “giving Alana Bloom his best” and taking a stab at Will? Was it simply a convenient alibi? Or is there something more going on? I was convinced when this scene was hinted at in the trailer that this would be a sort of dream sequence. Alana couldn’t possibly throw away the feelings she had for Will and sleep with the man Will accused of murder without batting an eyelash! Hannibal x Alana shippers, it seems that you are in for one heck of a roller coaster ride because I cannot fathom this running smoothly in any case. It is clear that Will and Alana’s relationship has changed drastically, perhaps to the point of no repair — she was entirely convinced that Will Graham was guilty and essentially gave up on him. I’m not really sure if a relationship would have or will develop between the two in the future but Alana and Hannibal’s involvement will certainly throw a wrench into things as far as Will is concerned. Personally, I think Alana gave up on Will too quickly and her involvement with Hannibal leaves me confused. I know I can’t wait to see how Will reacts when he discovers their tryst. Needless to say, I do not approve!

Hannibal - Season 2

“There’s something liberating about finally letting him go.” – Alana Bloom

Final Thoughts/Verdict

Writer and creator, Bryan Fuller certainly seems to be in constant competition with himself to exceed the grotesque nature of the Ripper’s crimes each week.  The writers have this incredible ability to leave us salivating for more — that is, if you are still capable of salivating after that last scene between Gideon and Hannibal. I suspect that you all are as eager as I am to see if Will Graham will be freed and where that will leave him and Hannibal. This episode felt a lot to me to be set up for what is to come. It explored the relationships that were changing and the focus was not on some new murder case (though it wouldn’t be a Hannibal episode if it lack a corpse or two). Jack seems to become increasingly more supportive of Will and suspicious of Hannibal. Chilton and Gideon are wild cards and we aren’t really sure where they stand or what their motivations are. Alana appears to be jumping ship and joining Team Hannibal though we aren’t quite certain what Hannibal thinks of it.

If you haven’t had a chance to see this week’s episode do so immediately! The episode was mostly set up for episodes to come — for that reason, pay close attention to everything. Hannibal certainly works in the details, so don’t overlook them. Until next week, let’s cross our fingers for Will Graham!

Comments, Questions

  • Hannibal is composing something all right, though I am not sure it is only limited to music.
  • Is it a coincidence that Hannibal is slicing open a heart while speaking to Alana Bloom?
  • Will Chilton stand by his sort of “deal” with Hannibal, honoring their camaraderie born of using questionable psychiatric methods?
  • Is Jack finally onto Hannibal? Or is he only playing into Hannibal’s plan like clockwork?
  • Was it really the clay that added the “theatricality” to Hannibal’s dinner with Gideon?
  • Will, stop growing antlers!!! It isn’t good for you!
  • Alana! Nooooooooooo!
  • Does Gideon deserve what he got?
  • Miriam Lass? Why did Hannibal let Jack find you?


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