Being Human Episode (4×05) Review – “Pack It Up Pack It In”



This Week Being Human Threw the Ultimate Last Minute Werewolf Baby Shower

For weeks the Being Human gang have been put through the wringer. Aidan and Nora spent the summer babysitting Josh’s wolf, while Sally got dragged into Purgatory. Since they’ve been back, life has been difficult, to say the least, but this week the guys got a chance to cut loose at a baby shower. Or so they thought. Josh and Nora’s shower got crashed by a werewolf pack and Josh’s alcoholic sister, Sally traveled to the 1920’s and met Aidan’s truly monstrous side, and Aidan got majorly dumped. At least there was booze!


“This is the first time you’ve been dumped in 200 years.” When Aidan told Kat last week that he was a vampire, I expected her to act the same as she did the first time she found out, and she did. Kat acted exactly how someone would if they found out their boyfriend was a vampire. She freaked. What I didn’t expect, however, was for she and Aidan to break up. I assumed all she would need was a little time, and by the time the show jumped forward two weeks to the baby shower, Kat and Aidan would be trying to reconcile. You see, the first time, Kat wasn’t in love with Aidan like she is now, and it seemed to me that his confession would make all of his strange, erratic behavior make sense in a way that would have been easy for her to overlook the who blood drinking thing. Sadly, I was mistaken. Kat didn’t forgive Aidan, and he spent the remainder of the episode moping around. Then he found Kenny. Watching Aidan and Kenny spend time together was the best, and I totally loved how Aidan got wasted enough to dance around the middle of a werewolf party. It didn’t take away Aidan’s blues, and by the end of the episode he was back to skulking in the shadows and spying on Kat. I really like Kat, but maybe Aidan does need someone else. Someone that can have sex with him, sleep with him, and realize his heart doesn’t beat without being told.

Sally: I always knew you killed Aidan, I just had no idea how much you enjoyed it. I could have told you that last night, but you didn’t care.  You were just “trying to get with me.” Yeah, I can milk this for all it’s worth, and could make your cringe whenever I want.

Aidan: Yes, you could.

Sally: I’m going to give you a pass, though, because you’re going through a rough patch, but honestly Aidan, after spending time with the old you, I wonder if you don’t deserve to go through this pain. More even. I don’t like when you loose control.

Aidan: Ok, you have to know that’s not who I am. That guy from the past, that guy from last night? That isn’t me.

Sally: I always wondered why you tried so hard to do the right thing. Now I know what you were trying to make up for. You’re a good man. Please stay that way.

Being Human Episode 4x05 5

“I know your intentions were good. I’m sure. They always are, but let’s just forget that deep, deep damage you leave behind.” Though Aidan isn’t a fan of Sally’s new magic tricks, he does support her and is always in her corner. So much so, that he enables Sally’s meddling. In last week’s episode when Zoe told Sally that she always leaves the destruction of other people’s lives in her wake, I cheered. This is so completely true. Sally does have a knack for meddling in things that she doesn’t understand, and while she ends up ok after everything is said and done, those around her end up paying the price. So this week when Josh told her the exact same thing, Sally may not have liked it, but she modified her behavior. In “Pack It Up Pack It In,” Sally discovered that the more she practices magic, the longer she’s stuck in a time shift. This aspect of the episode was interesting in that it helped illustrate how lonely it must be for Sally to be a ghost. Only supernaturals can see her, no one can touch her, and she ends up in strange places she doesn’t know about or understand. This ignorance could have been dragged out longer, but I’m glad it wasn’t. Out of all the characters Sally has had the least growth in my book, and I hope this season Sally will finally learn not to tamper with things she knows nothing about. It’s just too bad it didn’t happen before Emily was frightened within an inch of her life, and nearly caused a riot.

“You’re ok. You’re going to be ok.”

Being Human - Season 4

“I’m joining the pack, Josh, and if you care about your safety, Nora’s safety, you would too.” Last week Josh and Nora delivered a wolf cub, and this week they were throwing the parents a baby shower. At first I thought this would just be a fun episode, and it was, but it turned out to also propel the werewolf story along. Josh and Nora’s new friends have met a lot of other wolves since they’ve changed. In fact, they’ve met more wolves in their short time of being werewolves than Josh and Nora have in years. Werewolf/vampier politics came into play when Josh and Nora learned these new wolves were forming a pack. As usual, Nora was all for joining but Josh had his reservations. Throughout the series Josh has always shied away from being around lots of wolves. Especially since his best friend is a vampire. Now that the Virus has wiped out the majority of the vampire population, it seems the wolves have grown, and it’s great. or the past several seasons the series has focused on vampire stories, so it’s nice to see them give werewolves more story.

“This can’t end well.”

Being Human Episode 4x05 3

Josh and Nora ended up joining the pack for the full moon, and I hope they continue to be a part of the pack. It would be interesting to see their loyalties shift in a major way. Aidan and Kenny have been growing closer. I enjoyed watching them interact with the wolves at the part, and thought it was great that Kenny found a love interest. Even if she’s a wolf. Aidan’s still pining for Kat, as he should be. Sally’s right, he’s done so much dirt in his life, maybe it time he pays the price for some of it. One thing’s for sure: I hope he’s not stupid enough to change Kat. Right now there’s a possibility he can get her back, but if he changes her against her will, she’ll hate him forever. Sally finally learned her lesson (I hope) about messing with magic and imposing herself on others. She may have tried to help Emily, but Sally went about it in the worst possible way. The four friends are at a crossroads, and hopefully this time they’ll ignore the path that stands to benefit them the most, and take the one that’s in everyone’s best interest.

Being Human Episode 4x05

Questions…Comments… Wonderings…

  • As soon as I saw the episode title, House of Pain’s “Jump Around” started playing in my head. I have to admit, the first chorus fits well with this episode. Especially the brawl Aidan and Kenny find themselves in with the wolves at the baby shower.

Pack it up, pack it in Let me begin

I came to win Battle me that’s a sin

 I won’t tear the sack up Punk you’d better back up

Try and play the role and the whole crew will act up

  • Now that Kenny has found love, does that mean Connor Price is sticking around longer? I surely hope so! Kenny’s Romeo & Juliet love story with werewolf Astrid (?) has many possibilities, and now that he and Aidan are tearing up the town, it would be nice if he joined the gang full-time.
  • Henry, Aidan, mustaches, suits, jazz, and the Roaring ’20’s! More flashbacks please!!