Being Human Episode (4×06) Review – “Cheater of the Pack”



“Tore Up From the Floor Up” in Being Human

The four roomies have struggled with Being Human since they became supernatural. Out of the four, Josh and Nora seem to be the ones who’ve managed their situations the best. Until now. Josh’s wolf has completely taken over and if he doesn’t regain control he’ll lose everything he cares about. Sally’s always had difficulty accepting her circumstances, and let’s face it, wouldn’t you? Watching people live the life you used to. Seeing your loved ones struggle with your death. Watching the world you used to be a part of passing you by. Lost dreams, death, and bad decisions are even hard for the living, but at least we get the chance to try and make things right. A chance Sally will never have. Aidan has had over 200 years to figure things out, but it’s only been in the past few years that he’s tried to regain his humanity. Being young, handsome, and immortal is a perk many wouldn’t refuse. But think of who you were in your twenties, or even now. Can you imagine never changing? Never growing up or dealing with consequences from your actions? Even though Aidan has had the time to get his affairs in order, becoming a vampire has essentially stunted his growth in a way. Now that the world has changed around him, and his conscious has become too much to bear, Aidan’s desire to become a better man is what drives him. Unfortunately, like an alcoholic Aidan has trouble staying on the wagon, and when he falls off, someone dies.

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“Relax, wolves are wolves Josh.” Last week Josh and Nora decided to join the pack for the full moon. Usually these two spend their time separated from other werewolves, and when they’ve ventured to interact with them, bad things have happened. When the couple decided to hand out with these new wolves it was obvious something would end up going wrong, and it did. Josh ended up having sex with Debbie(?) while in wolf form sometime during the night, and instead of coming clean to Nora about it decided to try and run away from the problem. Josh is a good guy and has always been faithful to Nora. Under normal circumstances he would never have cheated on her, but these circumstances aren’t normal. Josh and Nora turn into wolves, and animals will do what animals will do, however, running away from the issue wasn’t the right recourse. Thanks to Mark, Nora now knows the truth and is devastated. Josh has been running away from this problem for too long and it’s completely taking over his life. If he doesn’t get a handle on it, someone will really get hurt, and may even die.

Being Human - Season 4

“Sooner or later you’re going to have to come to terms with your wolf and what it wants, or it’s going to eat you up alive.”

“Please stop coming up with ideas where I eat people.” Sally’s little brother, Robbie, decides he wants to sell the house, so the gang ends up having to scramble for a place to live. Robbie popped up on the show last season as a screwup, and it’s obvious he’s only selling the house to get himself out of a financial jam, but we later learn there’s more than meets the eye. Sally is forced to use magic to drive potential buyers away knowing she’ll end up traveling through time, but instead of traveling back to the 70’s for more “Lil’ Smokie” mysteries, Sally ends up traveling back to when she and Danny first bought the house. Through flashbacks we learn how Robbie was privy to Danny’s terrible side, and tried to warn Sally. Had Sally not been so dazzled by Danny’s picture perfect smile, she might have seen Danny for the guy he really was. A man capable of murdering her. Sadly, while Sally was busy learning the truth about Robbie’s attempts to save her from herself, “Lil’ Smokie’s” ghost was busy killing Robbie. Now Sally has all the time in the world to make things right.

“You’re going to have to accept the fact that I pretty much know everything.”

Being Human - Season 4

Too Late to Try? Josh, Nora, Sally and Robbie weren’t the only ones with relationship problems this week. Aidan discovered that Suzana never left town like he asked, and is in fact working at a local bar as a bartender. Night shift, cash, and free drinks? Suzana is one pretty smart vamp, and before the night’s over she’s helping Aidan battle his blood demon. Thanks to his blood binge with Kenny, Aidan finds himself all out of blood bags. What’s a vamp to do? According to Suzana, he’s to go on a diet. That’s what she does, and it’s worked for her. The problem is, as Aidan points out, Suzana has her life together and Aidan doesn’t. Suzana is strong. She figured out early on that she doesn’t want to kill for her food, and has found a way to live humanely. Aidan, on the other hand, has never been stable. His desire to change is fairly recent in vampire years, and to boot, he’s going through a break-up and a possible eviction. Watching these two former spouses on different ends of the vampire spectrum is fascinating. From Suzana giving Aidan love and life advice to Aidan trying to stop her from killing her own kind. Watching Aidan and Suzana is kind of like hanging with a divorced couple who’ve found a way to become friends. Unfortunately, Suzana stayed strong. Despite the vamp she knew was going to kill the homeless man in the alley, Suzana kept her stake in her bag. Aidan? Fell of the wagon while walking home. Suzana warned Aidan she would be merciless if she learned he couldn’t keep his fangs to himself, and I can’t wait to see how she reacts.

Being Human - Season 4

This week’s episode of Being Human was pretty fun. Granted, Sally’s brother got murdered by a ghost, while Josh got his ass kicked by Mark for his wolf sexy times with his wife, but Aidan and Suzana’s bar shenanigans sure made up for it. Not to mention Josh’s reaction to learning that Suzana, the hot bartender, was Aidan’s wife. Now that Robbie is dead, the gang get to keep their house and gain another ghost in the process. With a third killer ghost on the loose, the gang may need the extra help. Now that Josh is sleeping on the couch, and Aidan’s covered in blood in a sleazy motel, it appears the girls are doing a better job of managing their lives. Hopefully the guys can get a handle on things in time to combat their biggest problem – the crazy killer ghost that lives in their walls before someone else kicks the bucket.

Questions, Comments, and Wonderings….

  • Will Robbie go through his door, or move in?
  • What does Lil’ Smokie want?
  • Can Nora forgive Josh?
  • Is Josh’s wolf controlling him, or is he controlling his wolf?
  • How badly will Suzana kick Aidan’s butt for his indiscretion?