Being Human Episode (4×09) Review – “Too Far, Fast Forward!”



An Invisible Bodyguard, Unhinged Parasites, and One Pretty Cool Lady

Being Human is almost at its end. Can you believe it? I know I can’t. Aidan, Josh, Sally and Nora have been in our lives for the past four seasons. They’re like family and it’s going to be sad to see them go, but at least we’re getting some pretty awesome episodes and one great appearance from Mark Pellegrino as Bishop. I guess I began griping about his absence a bit too soon, because Bishop was back this week with a vengeance. Sally’s meddling around caused her to travel back to when she and the boys first met and decided to become roommates. Things were pretty sweet in Sally’s new reality. Josh began dating Nora. Sally and Aidan hooked up and fell head over heels in love with one another. Things were good, until they weren’t. After four seasons Sally still hasn’t learned to mind her own business. Her meddling in everyone’s lives, now armed with knowledge of the future, turned all their happiness into heartbreak. Sally got bitten by Josh instead of Nora, Josh never learned to accept himself, and Aidan ended up going back to Bishop after Sally dumped him. Sally should have left well enough alone, but she didn’t, and it ended up costing her life. In episode 409, Sally tried to fix everything once again, and desperately searches for a way to return to her own time. It was touching. It was heart-wrenching. It was the ultimate episode of Being Human. So let’s start the ignition on our time machines and discuss, “Too Far, Fast Forward.”

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“Whatever charmed life in a brownstone you think we had is over.” After Sally “died” in the new version of the past, the boys ended up at each other’s throats. After four seasons of watching Aidan and Josh have one of the best bromances ever on television, it was difficult to watch them hating each other. Even more difficult was seeing what could have happened to them if things really went down this way. While Aidan returned to the fold and began stealing blood from the hospital again, Nora became addicted to pain killers, and Josh quit the hospital to open up a bakery. That left Sally all alone with nothing to do but haunt Josh until he found a way to help her return to her original timeline. Between the two timelines, I prefer the one we’ve enjoyed all these years, but I’ll admit this one was a nice timeline to visit. If only for a few weeks.

Being Human - Season 4

“You raped my will.” Four seasons and Sally hasn’t learned a damned thing. Not only did she continue to try and play matchmaker for the gang, but she also possessed Josh after he repeatedly told her, “No!” That’s what makes Sally so frustrating. She keeps making the same mistakes over and over, and unlike the boys, never seems to learn from them. This week was no different. The only good thing that came out of Sally haunting Josh was that we got to see Alona and Donna again, and at least one of them proved useful. It will be interesting to see what lessons Sally may have learned, and if she will finally start trying to keep her thoughts to herself, because now she’s really dangerous. Not only is she armed with Donna’s magic, but Sally also has knowledge of the other timeline and a glimpse at the boys’ future, and boy is it bleak.

Josh: Your interventions don’t help.

Being Human - Season 4

“You are my perfect son.” Sally’s meddling hurt everyone, but Aidan probably got the worst of it. Yeah, Josh and Nora never came to be, but by the time Sally jumped back through time the pair were on their way back to each other. Aidan, however, was the monster Josh and Sally’s friendship and love kept him from being. A guy who would manipulate people who care about him for kicks, giggles, and some blood. A guy who would kill his maker just to climb over his corpse and snatch a crown. As Bishop told him, Aidan threw away a chance to hold onto his humanity, the woman he loves, and his best friend to reign over an empire that will leave him to die alone when the time comes. Like many of the other scenes in this episode, there was a terrible sense of foreboding.I actually got chills hearing Bishop tell Aidan that he hopes he doesn’t get taken out by his own child they way Aidan poisoned him. In our timeline, Kenny may be the head of Bishop’s old organization, but Aidan is the one the vamps look up to. Before this season ends, Bishop’s curse may end up falling on Aidan in a way he’d never anticipate. That’s the thing about series finales: anything’s possible.

Aidan: Bishop, are you afraid of what’s on the other side? I don’t know. Maybe there’s something there waiting for us.

Bishop: I’m the other side. When you died, I was there waiting for you on that battlefield. I was. I hope you’re this lucky. When it’s your time, I hope you don’t get taken out by someone fed from your blood. Someone you’ve nourished for centuries. A father never kills the son, but always wants the son to surpass him.”

Being Human - Season 4

“Did you come to get your booster dose already? You’re going to have to roofie some wolf chick, because Josh isn’t going to put out again.” Now that Donna has returned Sally to her own timeline, Sally has a choice to make. Does she tell Aidan and Josh what happened to her, or does she keep her mouth shut and let the chips fall where they may? The choice is her’s, and hopefully Sally won’t make the obvious choice she’s always made. Who knows? Maybe the future she briefly glimpsed of Aidan killing Josh is the result from her revealing all. If so, everyone’s fate is in her hands.

Time Traveler Notes…

  • Do you think Sally will open her big mouth?
  • Will Bishop’s curse befall Aidan?
  • Can Josh get Nora back?
  • Why did Aidan kill Josh in Sally’s supposed near future? Any guesses?