Being Human Episode (4×11) Review – “Ramona and the Pest”


 Being-Human-ReviewBeing Human’s Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora Discover a Fifth Roommate

The roommates dealt with an evil ghost, demented werewolves and a lovesick teen vampire as they struggled to make some major life choices this week on Being Human. After being imprisoned and tortured, Josh is having a hard time dealing with what happened, and Nora remains hellbent on leaving him. Aidan is still grappling with the knowledge that Sally is in love with him and the memory of the kiss they shared the night before. Thanks to Sally helping Aidan, the ghost got sent back to the house and discovered a piece of the “Lil’ Smokie” mystery. All four friends had a lot of emotional drama on their plates in episode 411, and the fallout from their previous decisions was the last thing they needed to deal with on top of everything else. There loss is our gain. As messed up as many of the things that happened to them were, viewers got the chance to laugh, cry and worry about the gang for one of the last times. Things appeared bleak this week, but throughout the episode there appeared to be a glimmer of hope that these people we’ve been rooting for four season will finally get the chance to live the lives they’ve always wanted. Now let’s dive in and discuss, “Ramona and the Pest.”

Being Human 4x11 03

Bezzus and Ramona

After Sally finds herself back at the house she discovers a hidden room behind Josh and Nora’s bedroom. After she and the gang tear down the wall they discover a little (dead) girl named Ramona. Turns out she was the one sacrificed in the vision Sally had at the beginning of the season and is Beatrice’s twin sister. Even though Ramona claimed she only wanted to see her sister, it was obvious this ghost wasn’t everything she claimed to be. For one, her bedroom was walled up. Anyone who’s ever seen a ghost movie knows that this is a bad sign. Two, she told the guys that she’s been there the whole time, yet they’ve only recently learned about her. If she was so desperate for a friend, why hasn’t she made them aware of her presence before? All the signs are there and after everything they’ve been through it would seem like these guys would have picked up on them, but they didn’t. That’s the beauty of child monsters. Since they’re children people always assume they’re incapable of doing evil, and that’s what make them one of the best monsters for horror.

Josh: It was always a life-long dream to sledgehammer my way into a secret room.

Of course those of us who saw the signs proved to be right. Not only did Ramona get to be free after Aidan knocked the wall down, but she locked Josh up so he went berserk and killed his wolf pack. Why she wanted them dead, or for Josh to lose control isn’t really clear, but what is clear is Ramona is out to claim lives. Like Damien in The Omen, Ramona thrives on chaos and death. Could it be possible that the little girl wasn’t being sacrificed in a Satanic ritual but was murdered for her demonic ways? All signs currently point to yes.

Being Human 4x11 04

What’s Love Got to Do With it?

One of the best scenes of the episode came when Aidan decided at the behest of Sally to visit Ramona’s sister, Beatrice and ask her to visit her sister. Sally is such a major part of the show that it’s easy to forget that only supernatural creatures can see her. So when Aidan and her got into an argument over his original decision to not cross the line of their relationship from friendship to something more. The hilarious way people around them inched away from Aidan and gave him side-eye made the scene all the more hilarious, but it also touched on one of the most fundamental problems with their pairing. They can never physically touch and no one but other monsters can see her. The two may bicker and Aidan might have been removed from the DMV by security, but by the time they returned home it really seemed like Aidan may have had second thoughts. Attraction may not be the sole reason to base a relationship on, but friendship, respect and unconditional love are, and Aidan has that with Sally. Maybe her lack of corporeal state isn’t such a deal breaker after all.

Aidan: There’s attraction, but I’m old enough to know that can’t be everything.

Being Human 4x11 05

Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

Now that there’s only two episodes left, Aidan’s son Kenny was about to ride off into the sunset with his werewolf girlfriend, Astrid, but happily ever after wasn’t in the cards for these two. Thanks to Josh’s meddling new wolf pack and one evil ghost, Astrid was murdered after Josh turned in a bid to save Nora from Mark and the others who held her at gunpoint. This scene has to be one of the most violent and gory scenes of the series, and not since Suren was alive, well, and shacking up with Aidan have we seen this type of carnage. All of the roommates have killed, but the savage way Josh killed didn’t discriminate friend from foe. As usual all the friends rallied together to help save Josh from this situation, but now that Kenny has been visited by Astrid’s ghost the cat is out of the bag.

Aidan: Kenny, this isn’t the kind of stuff a 17 year old should be experiencing. This isn’t the life you were supposed to have.

Being Human 4x11 06

Josh may have finally regained control of himself and put his wolf back where he belongs, but the nightmare for him may not be over. Now that Kenny knows he killed Astrid, the once werewolf friendly teen vamp will most likely decide to seek revenge. In essence, Aidan may be forced to do the one thing he was willing to kill Suzanne over if he’s going to save his best friend. Even though the two men had a serious argument at the beginning of the episode, by the end they were back to covering each other’s backs. Josh killed the pack to save and protect Nora and got his wife back in the process, but if we’ve learned anything with this show is that happiness tends to be temporary.

Being Human 4x11

Ramona’s Diary…

•    Episode title comes from Beverly Clearly’s children series about a young girl named Ramona Quimby titled, Ramona the Pest. In the book the kindergartner struggles with learning the routines of going to school and continues to annoy her older sister Beatrice, known to Ramona as Beezus.
•    We first heard Aidan tell Josh and Sally, “Let’s call off our ties and maybe this little experiment is at an end” in episode 408, “Rewind, Rewind.”
•    Aidan and Sally’s romantic turn and struggles is similar to what Mitchell and Annie went through in the UK version of Being Human. In the end, Mitchell and Annie decided their relationship can only be spiritual. Will the same happen with our vamp/ghost couple?
•    What does Ramona want?