Being Human Review Episode (4×02) “That Time of the Month”


The Being Human Gang Find it Difficult to Let the Past Stay in the Past

Now that the Being Human gang is back together things should be looking up, but every gift they’ve been given seems to come with strings attached. Nora has waited for three months to get her husband back, but now that she has it seems that Josh still longs for his wolf. Aidan has carried the guilt of losing his family for centuries, and now that his wife Suzana has returned to him, it seems she’s no longer the woman he once knew. Sally has all this new power all of a sudden, but after Josh’s eyes began to weirdly glow at the end of the episode, it’s obvious Sally’s dabbling in magic will lead to major complications. All four friends struggle to remain human, but their refusal to just let things happen has had major ramifications for all involved. After two seasons of blunders, hopefully the gang will figure out a better way to resolve their issues, or learn to accept their fate.

Being Human - Season 4

“I lost my best friend. I lost the one person on this earth who understands me. I lost Josh.” Last week Josh told Aidan that Nora wouldn’t be able to take his situation much longer, and this week it seemed that Nora had reached her breaking point. Three months ago she married her best friend, and she’s had to spend her honeymoon alone. Three months ago Nora had to watch the love of her life get torn apart and slip further away from his humanity. She’s had to juggle caring for him, her job, and the other aspects of their life without him. Aidan and Sally may also miss Josh, but their pain doesn’t come close to what Nora has been going through. While watching the friends getting along without their center has been a great change, especially Aidan and Nora, I’m glad the writers didn’t drag out Josh’s situation for more episodes. The relationships of all four has been the basis of this series, and now that Josh seemingly has changed from the guy we used to know, it will be interesting to see where he now fits in with the rest of the group.

Suzana: All this time I never imagined you wearing a leather jacket.

Aidan: Yeah, I guess I’ve been in a rut lately.

Being Human - Season 4

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“Why must they always run.” Suzana’s return in last season’s finale was a surprise for fans, but her return has been a major surprise for Aidan who thought she drowned over 200 years ago. You’ve got to hand it to Bishop. He always pops up when you least expect it, and so does Mark Pellegrino, but that’s not a complaint. Thanks to flashbacks we got to have more Bishop action, and learned how he turned Suzana after saving her body from the river. Sadly, Suzana went cuckoo for Coco Puffs after she nearly starved herself to death and accidentally killed her son. Right now Aidan believes his son grew up and died surrounded by his grandchildren. When he discovers the truth, heads will roll. The question is, whose will it be? Aidan is a pro in the vamp killing business thanks to his tutelage under Bishop, but Suzana has all the signs of a vampire vampire slayer, so this could be anyone’s game.

Aidan: 200 years and I never was brave enough to learn what happened to our boy

“I love her, and she’s really good at things like straightening her hair and dental hygiene, but this is…” I love Sally. Mostly. But let’s be real. Sally always has the best intentions of helping others, but she goes about it in a way that ends up nearly killing a slew of people or ending the world. Last season Sally brought her friends through her door from the afterlife and ended up creating zombies who ended up killing innocent people. Now that Sally has jumped back into our world through Donna’s death spot, she’s using her new powers to cast magic she doesn’t full understand. Josh may have shed his wolf skin, but has he lost the wolf, or just metamorphosed into something else? By the time this is all over, the gang may come to realize that Josh’s idea of saving him may have been the correct path to take.

Aidan: Please tell me I didn’t just kill my best friend.

Being Human - Season 4

“We could’ve built a life together, and no matter how perverted it would’ve been, it would’ve been us.” Aidan discovered that his wife is alive and well, but ends up getting dumped by her. She’s moved on and has no desire to rekindle things and build a life with him. Maybe it’s the guilt she feels over killing their son, or maybe she has another agenda we’ve yet to see, but now Aidan is free to utter those three little words to Cat. These two can build a life together, but how stable can it be when Cat doesn’t know the real Aidan? Josh and Nora have built a life together, but their tough times aren’t over. Nora is just happy to have the man that she loves back home with her, but is he the same man? These couples have tried to forge their two lives into one with their own ideas of what that should look like. Josh and Nora have had their ups and downs, and yet always manage to hold on to one another. This time shouldn’t be any different. Aidan, on the other hand, has had a lousy track record with women. Now that Suzana is back in his life, Cat’s may be in danger.

Suzana: I think we’ll just let the past stay in the past.

Aidan finally said, “I love you” to Cat, Josh is back home, and Sally’s powers have her traveling through time. Now that everyone is back under one roof, hopefully they’ll find a way to stabilize each other so they can work out the problems just over the horizon.


  • Aidan can smell when Nora’s “Aunt Flow” comes to town. Ew!
  • “Aidan is destined for greatness, but this would ruin him.”
  • Can Donna find her way through her death spot, or can she find another?
  • What’s up with Josh’s crazy eyes?
  • “Ours is an easy life.”
  • How soon will it be before Cat learns the truth about Aidan?
  • Why didn’t Aidan want Sally to know Suzana’s real identity?