Being Human Review Episode (4×03) “Lil’ Smokie”



SyFy’s Being Human Continues to Teach Us What it Means to Be Humans

I thought this week’s episode of Being Human was called “Lil’ Smokie” because of Kenny’s new status of head of the Boston Vampire Squad, but we later learn it has to do with the young girl ghost Sally keeps seeing around the homestead. This episode was all about misconceptions being set up and then shattered. Josh seemed fine since Sally’s witchy ju-ju (save for the red/yellow eyes), but it turns out he can now turn at will. Kenny seemed to have forgiven Aidan for “throwing a deformed baby in the trash,” but the hurt he feels runs deep. As does his deformity. Sally thought having possession of Donna’s spell book was a gift, but soon learns she has a higher purpose than ridding Nora of her stomach burns. Nothing with the game is ever what it seems. They are in essence monsters trying to be human, and though they are good people, they often have the tendency to do the wrong thing. Aidan’s decision to choose his friends over his “son” is coming back to haunt him. How soon will it be before the others’ decisions begin haunting them?

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“I’m glad we’ve got the kind of relationship where we can discuss menses first thing in the morning, but when your head starts spinning and you start growling…” Josh, Sally and Aidan have gone through a lot together, and their bond is the heart of the show. Their support for one another helps keep them all on mission and provides a home. Now that Nora is a part of the family, the gangs love and support extends to her as well. Watching the three of them enjoy each other’s company as they joke with one another makes their supernatural lives seem like the most natural thing in the world. Sally is once again dealing with things beyond her understanding, and Aidan’s concern (though hypocritical) is natural. Sally was a regular girl who died and has been living as a ghost. She’s not a witch, nor has she ever been, so the fact she’s now performing powerful spells is a cause for concern. But as Sally pointed out, she’s always supported Aidan through the good and bad times, so he owes it to her to trust that she knows what she’s doing. I don’t think she does, but Sally has a point. Sally should be allowed to make her own mistakes. Aidan’s role as her friend is to stand by her as she does, give her advice, and be there for her when she messes up.

Sally: I’m not going back to that hell hole! Screw you and screw your book!

Being Human - Season 4

“Listen guys, we don’t do that anymore. When I said, “Please go escort our guest,” it wasn’t gangster code for go all Guantanamo Bay.” A new vampire empire has risen in Boston, and Aidan’s plans to stay out of it fell by the wayside this week when Aidan discovered the new Big Boss was his son Kenny. Instead of getting revenge on Aidan for abandoning him, Kenny extends his hands to Aidan in an offer of partnership. Kenny may believe Aidan didn’t want him because he was deformed, but the truth was that Aidan had to get rid of him because Kenny was rabid and attacked Nora. Aidan may have been willing to believe Kenny was all better and had moved on, but his attack on Josh was expected. Aidan only believed what he wanted to believe because of the amount of guilt he carries for ditching Kenny, but it was obvious from the get-go that Kenny believes Josh and the gang are keeping him from having a relationship with his father. What was a great twist to all of this was Aidan’s challenge to Kenny that the baby vamp kill Aidan and have his revenge. That came out of no where, but was purely Aidan. Plus, Kenny’s new baby face was revealed to be a glamour. Ken is still as deformed as he was last season, and has the ability to compel vamps as well as humans. Now that Kenny knows his deformity doesn’t bother Aidan, it appears these two may have the relationship they both want.

Aidan: What are you planning to do? Score some crack, because it doesn’t work the same on us.

Being Human - Season 4

“I think we choose what we are. You can’t become corrupted unless you want to be corrupted.” As much as I’ve been enjoying Aidan and Nora’s new close relationship, her relationship with Sally is one of the best on the series. For a long time Sally was the only girl, and when Nora began dating Josh it gave Sally hope that she would have a friend that she could talk girl stuff with. The girls really grew close last season, and it’s nice to see how much they care for one another. Unlike Aidan, Nora thinks Sally’s new abilities are cool, and it gives Sally someone she can really talk to about what she’s experiencing. Not only that, but Sally’s offer to heal Nora of the burns her ex gave her was one of the most touching moments of the series. Both women have been in abusive relationships, but while Nora was able to get out with only some burns, Sally’s relationship ended up costing her life. Sally’s ability to cure Nora didn’t just make Nora’s stomach blemish free, but it also seemed to cure Sally of some of the pain she’s been carrying from the past.

Sally: I always admired you, you know. You got out. I never did.

Nora: You would have eventually, Sally, and who knows, all those spells inside of you, you could turn out to be the strongest of us all.

Being Human Episode 3x03 03

“You think administration will ever figure out that you, Nora and I are the worst nurses they have?” Josh finally returned to work, and the fact he even still has a job is a miracle. In fact, Aidan, Nora and Josh should have all been fired years ago, and would have been if it wasn’t for the nurses shortage. There’s no way in hell the three of them could have missed over 18 months of work in the past 2 years and still have jobs is it wasn’t for the shortage. Even though Aidan was filling Josh in on all the lies he told Administration to keep Josh on the pay roll, I’m still confused how he and Nora manage to do that. What wasn’t as confusing was the fact that Josh obviously wasn’t ready to return to the hospital. Thanks to Sally’s time traveling, Josh’s spell was never completed, so he didn’t com back the way he was supposed to. Whatever he is now, Aidan has never seen before. Josh is a werewolf who can turn at will. He’s no longer tied to the moon,and this causes problems. Before, Josh knew what to do on the night of a full moon to keep from harming people, but now Josh has no control over his abilities. In fact, he doesn’t even know he’s turning until it’s too late. He’s already attacked a doctor at the hospital and a fellow jogger. Who’s next? This is a question Josh needs to answer and pronto before he accidentally takes someone’s life.

Nora is the only one of them who had something positive happen to them this week. Sally may have killed Donna by accident when she absorbed Donna’s spell book and is now a ghost detective. Josh has no idea how to control his new powers. Aidan may have reunited with Kenny, but in doing so discovered his wife Suzana is a vampire Vampire Hunter. All of them are going to have to pay for their past mistakes, and if this is the beginning, they’re in for some serious trouble. Hopefully, their unconditional love for one another can pull them through these crises like it’s always done.

Questions… Comments… Wonderings…

  • “I’m married now to a man that I love. It shouldn’t matter. Josh doesn’t care. Even when we’re just lying in bed I can feel it against him. It’s always there. This reminder of Will. What he did to me. Third degree burns, five skin grafts, but still… ” – Nora
  • “Wait… do you remember the spell word for word, or just the gist of it? Because the last thing I need is some Golum creature waving from my abs.” – Nora
  • Something tells me this comment is prophetic…
  • Rule: Kenny can compel vampires and feeds 4-5 times than normal vampires. How long before this becomes a major problem?
  • Vampires can procreate normally now. Say what? How did I miss that one and does this mean we’re in for another vampire miracle baby a la The Originals?