Being Human Review Episode (4×04) “The Panic Womb”



Being Human Gives Birth to Werewolf Baby And Another Possible Generation of Monsters

When we last saw the gang on Being Human, Nora was acting as Sally’s “Magician’s Assistant” and was rewarded with a burn free stomach. Meanwhile, Josh discovered that what ever Sally did to him changed him and made him even more volatile. Sally’s use of magic is what’s causing her to travel through time and landing her in the midst of a possible satanical murder mystery. As these three struggle with problems closer to home. Aidan reconnected with his son, Kenny, and may have landed a new position in the new Boston Vamp Mob. This week, Sally tried to investigate the death of “Lil’ Smokie” by pulling her old friend Zoe into her investigation, Aidan continued to hide his past with Suzana from Kenny despite her crazy vampire Vampire Hunter status, and Josh and Nora got a closer look at what might have been if Nora hadn’t miscarried. “The Panic Womb” went in a lot of exciting directions, but instead of getting many answers, fans only got more questions. So let’s discuss this week’s episode, “The Panic Womb.”

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“No offense, but Josh’s attention span is almost like a dog in a field of squirrels.” Ever since Sally performed the spell to return Josh to human form, Josh has been erratic, volatile, and has bizarre red glowing eyes with yellow centers. After Kenny put out a failed hit on Josh, we learned that Josh can also turn at will. Josh may be back in human form now, but he still has many of the habits he picked up over the summer. At first it seemed Josh was obsessively working out because he’s now without a job, but now it seems Josh may still be the wolf. Maybe Sally only changed Josh’s appearance and the wolf is still in control. Whatever is wrong with Josh may end up being a mystery that won’t be solved until the end of the season, but it became apparent this episode that whatever is happening to him scares other werewolves. In the past, Josh has always been a lone wolf with only Nora at his side. Could it be possible that Josh’s status may have been elevated to Alpha, or could he possibly be the progenitor of an entirely new species of wolf?Being Human Episode 3x04 2

“I don’t know what the hell you are, but stay the hell away from us.” Josh may not be acting normal, but he was productive. While out on one of his many runs, Josh ran into a frightened werewolf who was expecting her first child. Both she and her husband had been attacked by a wolf, and now fear what their baby will be – wolf or human? This story was interesting as it showed that two wolves can have a healthy baby, and also felt like it may be foreshadowing a possible pregnant Nora. Josh and Nora may have made fun of how the
 couple’s new addition can change from a bouncing baby girl one minute into a wolf cub the next, but there was a bit of sadness in their laughter. The two of them always assumed children were never in the cards, but now they’ve seen first hand the possibility of expanding their family could be a reality, these two are going to have a lot to discuss.

Being Human - Season 4

“I’m sorry, Josh, I messed up. I didn’t kill my son. I gave him a second chance, and that is something we’ve all gotten more times than I can count.” A Werewolf cub wasn’t the only surprise Josh and Nora received this week. Aidan finally let both of them into the fact he never killed Kenny like he promised. Josh not surprisingly wasn’t enthused at the idea that the man who nearly killed his wife was alive, well, and thriving, but Nora was able to forgive Kenny. Like him, Nora has had moments of weakness when her animal drive became stronger than her humanity. She knows what it’s like to lose control and do something she regrets. Josh, on the other hand, has always been able to control himself a lot better. However, now that Josh has changed, maybe he’ll eventually know what it’s like to completely lose control. After what we’ve seen of his personality change during his daily runs, something tells me that time is closer than
 he realizes.

“What’s the plan for that stake in your coat?” “The Panic Womb” was full of surprises, and one of the biggest ones was how Aidan finally came clean to Kenny about Suzana, and then warned her the calvary was coming. That, actually, wasn’t the surprise. What was surprising was the fact Suzana actually left town. Suzana is another vampire in a long line of vampires (Angel, Mick St. John, etc.) who hates what she is, and makes up for all the crimes she’s committed in the past by killing her own kind. So the fact that Suzana so easily left town instead of standing her ground really made me raise an eyebrow in disbelief. It can’t be that easy, can it? I highly doubt it. In fact, I believe Suzana is only retreating to come up with a new plan of attack, and now that Aidan is siding with Kenny, he just may have made it onto Suzana’s hit list.

Suzana: We were married. We shared the same values then, and we probably do now.

Being Human Episode 3x04 5

“Sally, you don’t get it. I didn’t help find Beatrice to help you. I did it to protect them from you.” Sally has finally pieced together that the girl she saw being sacrificed in her home back in the 1970’s is the same little girl she saw in another flashback that she’s dubbed. “Lil’ Smokie.” After the ghost began peeling off Nora’s brand new wallpaper to ask Sally for help, Sally has decided to do just that, and enlisted her Ghost Whisperer ex-BFF, Zoe to help her investigate
 the supposed murder. What they two discover is the girl in Sally’s visions is named Beatrice Benson, and in a surprise move, Beatrice is alive, well, and living in a home of her own with her own daughter. However, Zoe may be done helping Sally investigate further, but it’s obvious to us that there was not one, but two Benson girls. Beatrice may be alive and well, but she obviously had a twin that for reasons unknown was murdered. As Sally spies the little “daughter” watching her and Zoe leave Beatrice’s home, it becomes apparent that that’s no living child. It’s a ghost. If the little girl was sacrificed, was it because of some satanical ritual as Sally believes, or could we be dealing with an evil spirit? Maybe one who was created in failed exorcism attempt? Donna warned Sally she was dealing with forces beyond her control, and this could be further proof that Sally is in over her head.

Aidan: All you can do, all we can ever do, is try and make it right next time.

Being Human - Season 4

“If you really love this girl, the best thing you could do is break up with her.” Suzana may believe Aidan’s relationship with Cat is doomed, but Aidan is desperate to hold on to the love he’s found. Maybe this is what drove him to come clean to Cat about who and what he really is. The first time Cat discovered the truth she freaked out. Will this time be any different? Aidan knows that the only way he can truly be with Cat is to tell the truth. With it, Cat knows what dangers surround her and can be better armed against them. However, by revealing the truth, Aidan is fulfilling Suzana’s prophecy. We’ve all seen it before in other shows, films, and books with vampires. The human lover learns the truth, and the realizes the only way they can be with their immortal live is to become immortal themselves. Being Human has often taken the usual tv tropes and given them a twist, so it will be interesting to see if they do that this time.

Being Human - Season 4

Season three has been a darker season than the others so far. Many of the topics this season have dealt with more adult issues like morality, marriage, love, and the concept of family. Sally has been struggling with whether she makes her problems worse, or just those of the people around her. What Zoe said to Sally was harsh, but it was true. Her friendship with Sally cost Zoe deeply, and yet Sally always seems to bounce back from the destruction she causes. It was interesting that it was Aidan who comforted Sally after Zoe’s words stung her, considering he also has a tendency to cause mayhem that ends up hurting others way more than himself. Josh and Nora’s marriage is going through the wringer thanks to Josh’s wolf problems, but the two have been through tough times before, and it’s their friendship, respect, and trust that should pull them through once again. Aidan loved Suzana like no other, but now has found a new chance for love with Cat. Even though Suzana was once everything to Aidan, he chose his son and the prospect of happiness over her. Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora are a family, but Aidan also has created a child. Even though Suzana was his wife, she’s no longer a part of the new world Aidan has created. Now that both Werewolves and Vampires can reproduce, the tables are bound to get turned. Nora may not be the only one who ends up pregnant before this season is over, and if so, this show will move into territory rarely covered before.