Once Upon a Time in Wonderland episode 1×08 Home Review



A Whole New Ball Game

It was all go in the mid-season finale of Once Upon A Time in Wonderland episode 1×08 Home and the writers really showed us why we need to tune in again after the Christmas break. We have learnt just how close Alice was with the White Rabbit as well as what the Red Queen did to make him betray that friendship.  The Red Queen found out that one of her Tweedles wasn’t as loyal as she thought but she still managed to end up with Cyrus and the bottle.  Cyrus and Alice were finally reunited, Jafar is really mad and once again the bottle has been lost.

AliceStar-crossed lovers… After a long journey and many obstacles, our lovebirds have found each other once more.  Their reunion was actually quite sweet but as soon as I admitted that they came out with this doozy:

“Even in my dreams I was afraid to imagine this moment in frat that it would never come true”.

Once they were reunited I was hoping that the next quest would be to find Will’s heart but a lot changed in the moments after that.  The flashbacks in this episode centered around Cyrus, giving us a look into his past in an entirely different way than the flashbacks usually do.  We were only really shown Cyrus’ immediate past; his relationship with Alice, his dedication to her and the sacrifice of his mothers’ lost and found compass in order to provide a safe home in Wonderland for the two of them.  We still don’t know a lot about him but seeing how dedicated he is to Alice has proved that he is as committed to her as she is to him.  The only problem with the flashbacks was that Cyrus is always wearing the same thing so it took a few moments longer in this episode to figure out where each scene fit into the timeline.  Once I remembered that Alice has the necklace now it became easier to pick it out.

x700Well, that escalated quickly… From a rather prominent distaste to all out war, Jafar and the Red Queen’s alliance didn’t last very long.  Constantly working independently of each other, there was not much of a partnership even when they were being civil to each other.  One thing’s for sure, it isn’t a fair fight between the two of them and the Red Queen knows it.  She may have had the castle and everything that goes with it but Jafar’s power is much stronger and he is much m

ore dangerous, exploiting the fear of others to get what he wants.  However we were reminded a third time not to underestimate the RedQueen when one of the Tweedles supposedly stole the bottle for Jafar she was still one step ahead, having it hidden away far from her castle.  Speaking of the Tweedles, we haven’t really seen a lot of them but in this episode they were fantastic.  They have such character and add a nice lightness to the dark world of Wonderland, especially the Tweedle-in-a-box left for Jafar to find:

“I think she’s onto us”

The Red Queen may have managed to escape his anger for now but he is still after her and out for revenge.  If possible they are all in a more dangerous position than before.

An ending worthy of a reaction video… A massive kudos to to the writers of this episode, keeping us guessing for the whole episode and on the edge of our seat for just about the last 10 minutes.  If only you could see my notes from watching this episode you could see how invested I was.  Almost at the stage of yelling at my computer screen for someone to agree to help Anastasia, for her to admit that she still loves Will or for that bloody Rabbit to START DIGGING!!! It was nice to have had the set up with Cyrus and Anastasia, getting a glimpse of her under the hard exterior of the Queen:

“You have a secret don’t you? … Being a genie for so long I’ve learnt how to read people, to know what they’ll wish for even before they ask.”

As it turns out I was right about it being about Will for her and although he doesn’t have a heart, she certainly does, still secreting thing away in their old caravan, sentimentally looking over her dress before retrieving the bottle.  By the time they are all together, you want them to just agree and take her with them but it was right of Alice to want a reason.  All they’ve ever known is her being against them and having Cyrus on her side helped her significantly.  Emma Rigby did a beautiful job 822xin this scene, we watched her get pushed to breaking point and beyond, even saw the Queen exterior drop away and seeing Anastasia bare her soul.  Always the dreamer, Anastasia wanted it all and it looks like she may be willing to work for it now rather than getting everything the easy way.  Jafar’s intervention then causes it all to go horribly wrong, both Will and Alice end up at death’s door and are old saved by Will claiming his wish from Alice.  The wording of the wish was very clever, freeing Cyrus and saving Alice at the same time but he didn’t plan on the consequences; once freed, a genie must be replaced.

So it begins again, the race to fins the bottle and the genie, this time with a different genie.  Will is going to make a fantasic genie, that with and attitude AND magical powers… I can’t wait to see how that works out.  Supposedly this means that Anastasia is now with the good guys, she wouldn’t want Jafar to get his hands on the genie even more now that it is Will, but will she ever get her wish? Bring on the new episodes!!!!!