The Originals Season 2 The Real Fate for Hope Revealed


A Hilarious Sneak Peak at Season Two

Yes! We’ve had a bit of fun. This fan made poster of FOX hit comedy series Raising Hope has turned into a hilarious version of CW’s The Originals, after a somber and heartbreaking season one finale. As we’ve now learned that Rebekah’s arrival back into French Quarter was a bitter sweet heart felt reunion between siblings Klaus and Rebekah along with the newest Mikaelson family Hope.
Season two of The Originals premieres Monday, October 6 at 8/7c on CW Network. Until then no reason fans can’t day dream for a moment about this fans alternate reality of what happens to Hope and her Auntie Bek.
Raising Hope something tells me she’s going to be quite a hell raiser which should bring us much laughter. Any other comedy series you can envision The Original family having a fun spinoff leave in the comments below or tweet us @TVAfterDark your own versions.

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Originals Fan Poster


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