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The Many Faces of Orphan Black Meet at Comic Con

BBC America’s award-winning original series Orphan Black returns for second time to San Diego Comic Con. The series focuses on Sarah Manning, a street smart, hustler who witnesses the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.After assuming the identity of a girl, she’ discovers she is part of a group of clones and is pulled into a compelling conspiracy to cover up the clones. Sarah and her new found sisters band together to protect themselves and each other.

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Live updates of the Comic Con Q & A panel with Orphan Black stars Tatiana Maslany (Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Rachel, Helena, and more) Jordan Gavaris (Felix), Dylan Bruce (Paul), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S), Kristian Bruun (Donnie) and Ari Millen (Mark) join co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett

6:11 PM – Tatiana Maslany gets a standing ovation before the panel even begins!

6:12 PM – “The Emmys are wonderful, but for me, it’s more about hearing the response & love from fans.” -Tatiana Maslany

6:19 PM – Show clip of Mrs. S pinning hands to the table with knives. Maria Doyle Kennedy on THAT Mrs. S. scene: “I haven’t been invited to dinner for ages.”

6:21 PM – Ari says, “he knows a little bit about who I am and where we’re going” in next season. Ari was supposed to die in Episode 6.

6:23 PM – Should we trust Paul? “I don’t trust myself.” Dylan Bruce.

6:28 PM –Bruce and Gavaris explain that scene was very hard to shoot. Re: attacking Felix at the loft  “I have a bit of a man crush on Jordan Gavaris. We keep it professional.”Dylan Bruce.

6:29 PM – .Jordan Gavaris spit on Dylan Bruce during Paul & Fee’s S2 showdown. “I bottled the spit & it can now be purchased on Ebay.”

6:30 PM – .Kristian Bruun had the best “I QUIT!” ever in Orphan Black S2. Yeah, we watched that scene just now.

6:31 PM – Where does Donnie get his undies? “Droopy Drawers ‘R’ Us,” says Kristian Bruun

6:32 PM – There are several cut scenes from the season finale on the DVD for Season 2.

6:33 PM – Which dead clone or clones would Tatiana Maslany like to revisit?!? Jennifer and Beth. Any of the deceased clones.

6:34 PM   Graeme Manson: “There’s a twist on Beth we don’t know yet.” Oooh,

6:35 PM – .Tatiana Maslany: “I’d love to explore Tony more…he’s a guy I’ve never seen on screen or on a page.”

6:36 PM – “I’d love to see Mrs. S & Tony hanging out. Having whiskeys for an evening.” Tatiana Mslany.

6:37 PM – Q: Where are Cosima’s PARENTS? A: Tatiana Maslany “They don’t own a car. They are walking to her very slowly.”

6:38 PM – Cast is suggesting Catherine O’Hara or Mimi Rogers to play Alison’s mom!

6:40 PM – Pleading from the Clone Club: “PLEASE DON’T KILL COSIMA!”

6:41 PM – The Clone Club on Facebook is presenting Tatiana Maslany “Best Actress in the World” award right now.

6:42 PM Tatiana Maslany has been brought to tears by amazing testimony from a gay fan inspired by Cosima.

6:44 PM – If she had to die, “Helena would eat herself to death”- Tatiana.

6:46 PM – Comic book will be original material and contain backstory.

6:47 PM – .Kristian Bruun says John Patrick Adamstold him that he wants to come back. More Helena love in S3??

6:49 PM – “She’s so bloody good her own MOTHER doesn’t even recognize her!”Maria Doyle Kenned on Tatiana Mslany’s brilliant work

6:54 PM – Tatiana really loves Rachel’s story. “Rachel is the most vulnerable of the clones which is why she has the hardest exterior.”

6:57 PM – Maria Doyle Kenned mentions that Patti Smith was the inspiration for Mrs. S, which attracted her to the character.

7:00 PM – “You can never put your finger on any Orphan Black character, which is why the show is great.”- Dylan Bruce.

7:02 PM – And we end the Orphan Black panel with the epic clone dance party!

1Orphan Black Returns for Season 3 in 2015 on the BBC

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