Once Upon A Time in Wonderland Episode 1×05 “Stone Heart” TVAD Award Revealed


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Who is the Purest of them all?


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland episode 1×05 “Stone Heart” gave us yet more information about the whole Will/Ana situation, broke Cyrus out of his precarious prison and gave the Red Queen a way of keeping herself alive once Jafar has what he wants.  However the best performer of the episode was Sophie Lowe, Alice herself.  Up until now I haven’t given her much credit but Sophie has been doing a fantastic job, tackling a very well known and frequently played character.

The Quest For Magic Dust… This was clearly the best part of the episode, when she was walking on air to cross the ravine, the effect was fantastic and made us believe that she was simply going to be able to walk across the ravine.  Once she had fallen, the scene with the little Alice, not only moved the story along but revealed a lot about Alice’s character, she was not prepared to kill the Queen simply because the opportunity presented itself and she was prepared to trust that she would keep her end of the deal. As you watched you could see the inner conflict expertly portrayed by Sophie, the temptation to kill the Red Queen, her anger at the woman who helped to orchestrate this whole situation, the realisation that she, Alice, holds the advantage and coming to the decision that something has to be done.  Sophie doesn’t give away the move that Alice is going to make and we are almost surprised when we see that she doesn’t kill the Red Queen.  If you listened to the words chosen for the little Alice, they are very carefully selected, many of them can be taken with two meanings, one of which alluding to the fact that the whole thing is a test to see if Alice is truly pure of heart.  We have also learnt that Alice wants revenge, she is just waiting until she has Cyrus back first and Alice clearly isn’t too trusting as she kept some of that magic dust for herself.

Strength and Presence… I have already commented that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland doesn’t exactly portray the magical place that we once dreamed Wonderland was and Alice is a clear example of this.  Onice Upon a Time in Wonderland has taken the fairytale character and made her bolder, braver and a little bit darker. Alice, like many of the other characters in the show is very focused on her goal, she came back to Wonderland for Cyrus and that is what she is going to do.  This is a fantastic element to the show, to see how driven each of the characters are but I feel it can make them a little two dimensional, I have been intrigued by Alice’s character but she hasn’t been the one grabbing my attention the most.  She is loyal and caring as proven by her relationships with the other characters and how she is willing to use a wish to prevent the suffering of another but won’t wish to save herself.  Alice has learnt to overcome rather than to be overcome, she has learnt to fight and to know her enemies, the Bandersnatch is a classic example of this, something that terrified her as a child she learnt about and knew its weakness so that she was no longer frightened and knew how to beat it.  At the same time she has been doing this with the other characters in Wonderland, already knowing who Jafar was before they met and then keeping some of that magic dust because on some level she knew that the Red Queen was not going to help her. Throughout all of these examples, watching the emotions and journeys played by Sophie Lowe is a dream, she has created a fantastic character, full of many qualities of a strong female role model.Alice Cyrus Kiss


“When two people are in love, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish together”

Alice and Cyrus, True Fairytale Romance… We already know that they are in love and everything they go through is for each other, let’s just hope it stays that way. I know there are some fans out there who want to see Alice and Will get together but I feel that would invalidate the entire story and a lot of the characteristics that I mentioned before, undermining a lot of the work that has been done in establishing Alice as a loyal and caring character.

Keep it up Sophie Lowe!

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1×06 “Who’s Alice” airs Thursday, NOV 21 at 9|8c on ABC