Power Episode (1×02) Review – “Whoever He Is”



“Goosebumps And Butterflies Are Fairy Tales.”

After a riveting series premiere, STARZ’s latest new series Power returned this week with a vengeance. After getting repeatedly robbed last week, Ghost and Tommy set out to uncover who’s after their business, and hitting their dealers. Don’t let the business suit fool you. Though Ghost appears to be more interested in going legit with the help of his new hit club, “Truth,” his partner in crime Tommy isn’t. Business is business, and Tommy made sure their rivals understood just how far they’d go protect what they’ve built. Meanwhile, Ghost and Angela continue their firtation to the detriment of their current relationships. Tasha has decided to give Sean something more to look at besides the road, and her mom tries to spit some truth to her baby girl before it’s too late. “Whoever He Is” definitely lived up to what the premiere episode promised this new series would be – riveting, jaw-dropping, and tantalizingly good fun! So let’s discuss the episode, shall we?

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Power 2014

“He knows better than to watch.”

Tasha’s insecurity about her marriage just may get her husband’s driver Sean killed. After giving him an eyeful in the premiere episode, Tasha doesn’t put on the brakes. Instead, she sets up a dangerous game of egging Season’s attraction to her on while she tries to get the 4-1-1 on Ghost’s extracurricular activities. This situation would be bad enough as it is, but once you add in the ingrediant that Sean’s father is the one who brought Ghost and Tommy into the business, this situation becomes explosive. Don’t let the driver fool you. Sean is just a kid learning the ropes, and though we haven’t met dear old dad quiet yet, it’s becoming clear Sean is being groomed for something bigger. What happens if/when Sean and Tasha go from looking to touching? Can Ghost kill his mentor’s son? How does Ghost control a man that appears to be untouchable? These are the questions we all were wondering while watching the episode. Sadly, Ghost is so busy chasing after his ex-flame that he doesn’t even see the trouble brewing at home.

Estelle: You can’t collect alimony on income the government don’t know about.

Power Ep 102. 3

“Man, Ghost, we ain’t like these people. Me & you in the paper? That ain’t a good thing. Us in the paper means we got got.”

Not only is Ghost ignoring his family, but now he’s beginning to neglect the main business. Last week one of the guys’ dealers was jumped and sliced up. While Tommy was trying to shake the neighborhood bushes for the perpetrator, Ghost was busy making googly eyes at Angela. It’s ok to have dreams, but doesn’t it seem like Ghost has completely blinded himself to who the people in his life truly are? The moment Ghost told Angela that Tommy was his partner in the club, Angela remarked that Tommy seemed like he was too deep in the streets. Tommy isn’t the suit and tie guy. With all the money he and Ghost make, Tommy still pals around in jeans, t-shirts, and Chucks. He’s the guy chopping up fools to send messages to their rivals. Not only that, but all the advice Tommy has given Ghost has been spot on. They are criminals. First and foremost, and should not have their photos in the newspapers. They also need to protect the people who work for them, smoke out the assassins sent after their dealers, and dispose of anyone who poses a threat. That’s their life. Mingling with the rich and famous isn’t. If Ghost doesn’t wake up soon to his reality, he’ll have lost everything. Even Angela.


“Coffee smelled like dick, so I had to make a new pot.

When Angela wasn’t busy chasing Ghost aka Jaime, she was trying to catch him. All episode long we watched as Angela battled her attraction for Jaime, while deciding if she should break it off with her agent beau. Both men will cause damage to her carrer, but Angela has no clue. She still doesn’t know Jaime is the guy she’s looking for, or that he’s a married man with children at home. This isn’t her fault. It’s Jaime’s. As the married man, Jaime owes Angela the respect to tell her the truth about his life. Instead, Angela is making decisions about her future based on a lie. A lie that may not just end her career, but may also get her killed.

Everything in the episode wasn’t about Angela and Jaime’s flirtation. Angela proved she was a badass lawyer when she went after oone of Ruiz’s men who happened to be sexting his boss’ 14 year old daughter. If I wasn’t sure about Angela, but this scene sold her really well. Angela was like a dog with a bone, and scored a point for the U.S. Attorney’s office. This was a much needed win, because Angela was royally messing up her position on the case thanks to her inability to concentrate on anything other than Jaime. Now the question is, will Angela be as relentless when it come time to go after Jaime?

Power Ep 102

Creator/writer Curtney Kemp Agboh really it hit out of the park with “Whoever He Is.” All of the characters were further developed, and the danger that surrounds them seemed very real. Joseph Sikora really stole the show this week with his performance of Tommy. While Tommy scares the pants of me, he also tends to be the voice of reason. His advice that Ghost should kill their injured dealer may have sounded ice cold, but one look at the dealer’s face after she saw the damaged done to her at the end of the episode proved Tommy right. Maybe if Ghost had offered to get her plastic surgery instead of a promotion the girl wouldn’t turn, but know… things don’t look very promising. Just because Ghost has two women chasing him, doesn’t mean he knows more about women than Tommy. Director Anthony Hemingway really kept the pace of the episode moving. The way in which he cut between Tommy cutting up a cadaver and Tasha cutting meat for dinner was spot on brilliant (And also made me lose my appetite.). He also did a pretty great job conveying how Angela and Ghost were thinking of each other while they were having sex with their significant others. Well don, sir!

Next week, we’ll finally meet Sean’s dad, Kanan, played by 50 Cent. What advice do you think he’ll be handing out to his baby boy?

Questions… Comments… Concerns…

  • How much do you want to bet that Sean will not only end up with Tasha, but also a large part of Ghost and Tommy’s business? Something tells me from the Tommy’s School of Butchery scene that Tommy and Sean may be the ones to force Ghost out.
  • Sorry, Ghost, but we have to agree with Tommy on this one. Handle. Your. Business! Angela is great and all, but as a married man she should be off-limits.
  • While Ghost is playing club owner, Tommy is handling the main business. This is a recipe for disaster. Tommy is too much of a street kid to go legit, and it won’t be long before these two childhood friends become enemies.
  • It’s obvious Tommy is skimming money from the business. Wonder if Tommy is stealing just enough of the club loot so Ghost will think it’s underperforming and won’t quit the game? Discuss!
  • Tasha has good reason to feel insecure, but the way she’s handling things makes her look really skanky.
  • Diane Neal (Law & Order) was great as a magazine exec who wants to know more about Ghost.