Power Episode (1×03) Review – “This Is Real”



Never Gonna Let You Go

This week on Power, Tasha uncovered that Ghost had appropriated some of their savings to open the club, and was left wondering what else Ghost has hid from her. While Ghost tried to appease Tasha’s dissatisfaction with the state of their marriage, he and Tommy continued searching for the person responsible for robbing their dealers. To make matters worse, someone had been seeing tainted cocaine in Truth. Overdosing starlets, moony text messages, and tortured drug dealers were rampant in episode 103. Not only that, but 50 Cent guest starred as Shawn’s father Kanan. Just when you thought this show couldn’t get any better, it does. We’ve lots to discuss, so let’s get started!

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Power 2014

“You’re half naked and still thinking about work. I don’t know whether to be offended or impressed.”

Angela may have Ghost on the brain, but that still doesn’t mean she’s not about her business. When Greg comes by to pay her a social visit, Angela can’t stop thinking about business even while getting horizontal with her boo. Maybe it’s because she and her ex have been trying to rekindle the flame, or her boss chewed her out. Either way, Angela gets serious about sticking it to Javier and tries to run him as an informant on her own. Angela loves playing with fire, but how long before she gets burned? Or will she end up burning someone else?

Ghost: I’m not going to let you go again.

It was nice to see Angela handling her business, and we got to see more of the round-the-way girl Angela used to be when she dealt with Javier. Homegirl may be dressing in suits and working for the government, but she’s still got a bit of the street in her veins. Having said that, I think Ghost better watch his back. While he’s been trying to wine and dine Angela by treating her to dinners and diamond necklaces, he still hasn’t told her he’s married. In fact, he’s gone far enough to take off his wedding ring as a means of insuring she’s left in the dark. Lord help that man when this fierce Latina discovers she’s been lied to.

Power 2014

“I thought I cooked him medium rare.”

Have I said how badass Tommy is? Well, if I haven’t, I have now. While Ghost was running around cheating on his wife and chasing after the fool dealing bad drugs in his club, Tommy was still on the hunt for the person behind the robberies. Ghost may be trying to find an escape plan to a better (legitimate) life, but Tommy has his feet firmly planted in ‘the life.’ He even went to far as to set a suspect on fire for information, which didn’t end as planned. In fact, the scene actually provided one of the funniest scenes of the episode, when Tommy discovered he burnt the man to death. What this scene showed us was that Tommy is willing to go to lengths Ghost won’t to get things done. A fact Shawn was quick to point out.

Tommy: Who’s your favorite gangster of all time?


“I’m doing this for us. It’s our escape plan.”

Investigating an overdose and the dealer selling the tainted goods took a lot of Ghost’s time, and when he wasn’t macking on Angela, Ghost had to deal with Tasha. Like Tommy, Tasha has noticed Ghost slacking on his main responsibilities, and decided to do a little investigating of her own. This week, Tasha discovered Ghost took some of their savings without her permission to help open the club. As far as Ghost is concerned he’s investing in their future, but Tasha likes things just fine the way they are. This episode seemed to be a turning point for Ghost. The moment where he realized Tommy and Tasha were holding him back. He has dreams, and is beginning to feel that they are keeping him from being the best he can be. However, the moment one of his children nearly died because of Ghost’s indiscretion is the moment Ghost began to realize his dreams aren’t reality. In fact, they may end up costing him the most important things in his life.

Ghost: We’re fine. I got you. I’m here.

Power 103 06

Writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich really managed to capture who these people are and what motivates them. In “This is Real,” we begin to see the lines being drawn separating Ghost from what he has and what he thinks he wants. Tommy and Tasha may want the life they’ve helped Ghost build, but so does Shawn. His father Kanan was Ghost and Tommy’s mentor, and after his tutorial with Tommy, Shawn believes he’s ready to step from behind the steering wheel and into the streets. I’m sure somewhere in there is the idea that if he was making mad money he could provide Tasha with the life she’s accustomed to. Ghost is surrounded by people who’s becoming very dissatisfied with him, and by the time he realizes which side is up, it may be too late. Director John David Coles kept the pace moving along, and built the tension throughout the episode. The entire episode it kept feeling as if something terrible would happen, which finally did by the end of the episode when Ghost and Tasha’s baby nearly choked on Ghost’s shark keychain. As devastating as that was, the near death of his baby girl seemed to catapult Ghost into realizing the damage he was doing to his family. Will it stick? I doubt it, but his struggle will continue to be interesting to watch.

Power 2014

Questions…. Comments… Concerns…

  • How salty was that to see Ghost bought Tasha a pair of diamond hoops, but a huge diamond necklace? I hope Tasha doesn’t find out!
  • Ghost is playing a dangerous game, but at least he knows he’s playing. Poor Angela will be blindsided when she discovers she’s been betrayed. Ghost may cost her everything she’s worked for in more ways than one.
  • Now that Shawn has his father’s permission to become a gangsta, how soon do you think it will be before he turns on Ghost and tries to take everything Ghost has for himself? Will Tommy help?
  • How long do you think it’ll be before Tommy wears Holly down? I’m thinking at least one more episode.