Power Episode (1×04) Review – “Who Are You”



Angela Finally Learns the Truth About Jaime on This Week’s Episode of “Power”

After weeks of rekindling their flame, Ghost finally comes clean to Angela on this week’s episode of Power. Nearly losing his baby girl thanks to the plastic shark keychain, Ghost begins reevaluating his values and plans to turn his focus away from Angela and back on his family. While Ghost is trying to figure things out, Tasha is running an investigation of her own. She’s noticed her husband isn’t the man he used to be, and is worried where his mistakes will lead them. Tommy gets his first taste of running a meeting solo with their partners, and begins to realize he can do things on his own. While the drug empire is chugging along, Angela begins to put more effort into chasing leads, one of which may lead her straight to Ghost. Infidelity, betrayal, and broken hearts where everywhere this week, and everyone was asking Ghost, “Who Are You?” Now that you’re caught up, let’s discuss the episode!

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Power 2014

“Get out the damn drug business, dummy. Your shit could kill somebody.”

Thanks to the drug overdose at the club last week, Ghost has yet another problem to solve. Despite knowing who the perpetrator is, Ghost has yet to catch the guy in the act. Not only does he have to deal with a competing dealer, but now NYPD is on his case about drugs being dealt in the club. Can Ghost get rid of the dealer and NYPD in one fell swoop? That was Ghost’s dilemma in episode 104.

This mini plot added tension to whether or not Angela would find out how Ghost earns his diamond necklace money, and was a great way to make Tasha and Tommy question Ghost’s priorities. Now that Ghost and Tommy have kicked the guy out of the club, this probably will be the last time we see the rhythmless drug dealer, and that’s ok. The damage has already been done, and both Tommy and Tasha have their eyes on Ghost. Angela may not discover Ghost is the man she’s looking for this season, but my money is on Tasha learning who Ghost is banging against walls.

Power 2014

“We’re gonna find out who’s fucking with us and then were gonna kill ’em.”

While Ghost is crying over Angela dumping him, and chasing after small time drug dealers, Tommy is left holding the bag when Ghost decides to handle club business instead of attending a meeting with their partners. It’s obvious that Ghost has always been the brains of the operation, while Tommy has always been the muscles. Now that Ghost is leading a double life and trying to go legit, he has been handing Tommy more and more of the drug business to deal with. Tommy wasn’t really confident going in to the meeting, but as the meeting progressed, Tommy appeared to feel more and more comfortable. Unfortunately, Tommy ended up messing up Ghost’s plan to root out the person hitting their dealers. Now that Anibal is dead, the hitter is still out there.

Ruiz: What do you mean, Spanish? I look to you like I’m from Spain, mother f&cker?!?!

Power 2014

“Drink now, eat later.”

After chasing Holly for weeks, Tommy finally scores this week. Turns out Holly loves a bad boy, but we also discover she’s a bit wild herself. Are she and Tommy a match made in Heaven or Hell? It’s too soon to tell, but it’s obvious neither of them are asking themselves that question. Holly seems dangerous. She feeds into Tommy’s impulsive nature, and now the two of them are adding drugs to the mix. As a dealer, the fastest way to end up in the clink or the grave is to start sampling your own product. Now that Tommy is taking a walk on the wilder side, it probably won’t be long before he becomes a huge liability.

Tommy isn’t the only one with a dangerous female. Tasha has been sticking her nose in Ghost’s business, and is even trying to use Tommy and Shawn to do it. She may discover Ghost’s secrets, but how many people will she burn to do it? Shawn better wake up and smell the set up, before he, too, winds up being cooked “medium rare.”

Power 2014

Writer Sasha Penn kept the momentum going from the previous three episodes. All of the characters behaved according to their nature, and the supporting characters even managed to get a bit of growth. Angela went from a woman with family values to becoming a home-wrecker. Lobos returned even crazier than the last time we saw him, and viewers got to see that Holly is even fiery than we previously thought. And a whole lot naughtier. Director John David Coles really made it seem like Tommy and his partners were about to get caught by the federal agents by focusing on the wrong building. With the Asian decor inside the meeting place, it did appear that the feds were at the right address. Not only that, but the dual sex scenes between Tommy/Holly and Ghost/Angela at the end of the episode helped show how similar these relationships are. Now matter the history, Angela is every much as dangerous to Ghost as Holly is to Tommy.

Now we’re at the halfway point in the series, and we still have questions left that have explosive answers. The way things are going, someone won’t make it to the end of the season. Any guesses?

Power 2014

Questions…. Comments… Concerns…

  • Tasha brings skank to new levels this week when she shows her naked body to Shawn on “accident.” Is she completely clueless to what will happen to that boy, or doesn’t she care? Either way, she’s the character I’m beginning to like the least.
  • I kinda thought it would take Angela at least one episode before she caved. I guess what Ghost is swinging is worth throwing away everything. As far as these chicks are concerned.
  • Who is this badass chick in pink pump sneakers? Poor Anibal! He didn’t even see her coming, and neither did we.
  • Now that Holly has seen Ghost and Angela banging in the office, how long do you think before she uses the information for her own gain? Something tells me she’ll use it to help her and Tommy “Bonnie & Clyde” it around NY.