Pretty Little Liars 5×03–“Surfing the Aftershocks” Episode Synopsis & Stills


Pretty Little Liars 5.03Living A New Lie…

ABC Family has released the official episode synopsis and episode still photographs for Pretty Little Liars.5×03 “Surfing the Aftershocks.” With Alison back in Rosewood for good, there’s no telling what the fifth season has in store for the Liars this summer. Unfortunately, Alison’s homecoming didn’t go as smoothly as she might have wanted. Ali lies to the Rosewood Police about where she’s been all this time to protect her friends. She’s happily reunited with her dad, however her mom who seemed to be missing is discovered dead in the backyard in the very same spot Ali was buried alive. Will we find out what really happened to Mrs. D? Or ever find out what happened the night Ali went missing? Below is the official episode synopsis and episode stills for “Pretty Little Liars” 5×03 “Surfing the Aftershocks.”

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Alison struggles with the death of her mother, as the Liars try to navigate through her new lie in “Surfing the Aftershocks,” an all-new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” premiering Tuesday, June 24th (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT).

Now being forced to live through Ali’s latest lie, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to cover their tracks, while simultaneously trying to piece together what happened in New York. Hanna and Aria have to close loose ends with the two people who know the truth about Ali’s story – Mona and Ezra. Spencer and Emily try to find out the truth about Jason and his whereabouts the night they were in New York. Meanwhile, Hanna starts to examine who she really is – Hefty Hanna or Queen Bee Hanna – now that Ali is back.

The first episode still photograph below, for Pretty Little Liars 5×03 “Surfing the Aftershocks” shows a scene at what appears to be Rosewood High judging by the lockers and background posters and decor. The photo shows a conversation between Mona, Hanna and Aria. Hanna and Mona seem to be in a serious discussion about something indicated by their facial expressions and Aria just seems to be a spectator. Hanna has a notebook or something in her hand so perhaps that has something to do with the conversation. The second episode still shows a scene with Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria. The girls are all dressed in black or dark colors making one think that they’re at a funeral, perhaps for Mrs. D. The ladies are gathered together as if discussing something or making a game plan for how to best handle the situation.Guess we will find out for sure on Tuesday, but until then check out the rest of the episode stills below.

Pretty Little Liars 5×03 “Surfing the Aftershocks” airs Tuesday, June 24th at 8/7c on ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars 5.03

Pretty Little Liars 5.03

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