Pretty Little Liars 5×05 “Miss Me x 100” Episode Synopsis & Stills


Pretty Little Liars -5.05The 100th Episode

ABC Family has released the official episode synopsis and episode still photographs for Pretty Little Liars.5×05 “Miss Me x 100.” Now that Ali is back in Rosewood for good, there’s no telling what the fifth season has in store for the Liars this summer. Mrs. D’s death rules out Fitz’s theory she is A and A’s identity remains unknown while leaving oiur Liars another mystery to solve. And let’s not forget Mona and her anti-Alison army. It’s a sure bet this episode, a TV milestone is going to be one to remember. Here’s the official episode synopsis and episode stills for the 100th episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars” 5×05 “Miss Me x 100.”

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The day has finally arrived – Alison’s first day back at Rosewood High, and neither the PLLs nor Alison are really ready for it. Determined to put on a brave face, Alison returns to also help heal the damage she did years ago. But are apologies enough for those who Alison has hurt in the past? Not if Mona and her army have anything to say about it. Meanwhile, Caleb and an old foe return to Rosewood.

The first episode still photograph below, for Pretty Little Liars 5×05 “Miss Me x 100” shows a scene in what appears to be someone’s living room. Alison, Emily, Toby, Spencer, Hanna, Caleb, Ezra and Lucy are all gathered together watching something. Some of their facial expressions suggest whatever they’re watching is upsetting., Spencer and Ezra appear to be in shock or disbelief of what they see, while Toby, Caleb and Hanna look angry and Ali, Emily and Aria just seem focused on the screen. The second episode still shows a scene that must be outside Rosewood High because of the school buses and people wearing backpacks and carrying books in the background. Alison is pictured walking forward through the crowd with a confident look on her face. As she passes, the students turn to get another glance at her as if in disbelief of what or who they just saw. Will she rule the school yet again? Or did she learn anything about being a bully while hiding from A all those years. Guess we will find out how Ali’s return to Rosewood High went for sure when the episode airs, but until then check out the rest of the episode stills below. And let us know what you think about Ali’s return to Rosewood in the comments section.

Pretty Little Liars 5×05 “Miss Me x 100” airs Tuesday, July 8th at 8/7c on ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars -5.05

Pretty Little Liars -5.05

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