Pretty Little Liars 5×07 “The Silence of E. Lamb” Episode Synopsis & Stills


Pretty Little Liars - The Silence of E. Lamb 14Aria Searches For Answers at Radley

ABC Family has released the official episode synopsis and episode still photographs for Pretty Little Liars.5×07 “The Silence of E. Lamb.” Now that Alison is back in Rosewood you’d think the Liars wouldn’t have too much to worry about anymore. However, with the death of Mrs. D, the peculiar behavior by Spencer’s sister and dad and the explosion of Toby’s house, the girls have more questions than ever. Oh, and then there’s Mona and her plot for revenge. Here’s the official episode synopsis and episode stills for Pretty Little Liars” 5×07 “The Silence of E. Lamb.”

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 Aria and Spencer go to great lengths to get answers, while Emily and Hanna are put in uncomfortable positions in “The Silence of E. Lamb,” an all-new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” premiering Tuesday, July 22nd (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT).

Aria begins her volunteer work at Radley and quickly gets down to business finding any answers she can about a patient of interest to the Liars. But she quickly hits a snag when she comes across an aggressive patient that may be the key to what the Liars are looking for. Also searching for answers, Spencer takes a note from Ezra’s play book by borrowing some of his spy equipment to keep a closer eye on the home front.

Meanwhile, Hanna is caught at odds when Ali and Caleb butt heads, and Emily seeks help from her friends when her mom invites Ali over for dinner.

The first episode still photograph below, for Pretty Little Liars 5×07 “The Silence of E. Lamb” shows a scene between Spencer and Ezra. It looks as if they are in front of a garage of some sort judging by the boxes in the background. Erza is handing Spencer something that looks to be a laptop. He has an expression that indicates he might be warning Spencer about the what he’s handing her. It looks like he’s lending her his surveillance equipment.Wonder what Spencer is getting herself into now. While in the second episode still shows a scene with Aria, an unknown girl and Eddie Lamb. They must be at Radley because he is in his uniform and the other girl appears to be a patient. Body language suggests Mr. Lamb is not happy with the interaction between Aria and the girl, who is holding a photo. Perhaps a clue or piece of info to help our Liars? Guess we’ll have to wait until the episode airs to find out for sure, but check out the rest of the episode stills below and see if any of those photos can help fill in the blanks.

Pretty Little Liars 5×07 “The Silence of E. Lamb” airs Tuesday, July 22nd at 8/7c on ABC Family

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