Pretty Little Liars New Promo Poster


100 Episodes and a New Poster

After the explosive Pretty Little Liars 100th episode, ABC Family released a new promotional poster for the hit drama. Episode 5×05 “Miss Me x 100” marked the notable TV milestone for Pretty Little Liars. It also marked the return of three characters to Rosewood, Caleb, Lucas and Jenna as well as the excruciating return of ‘A.’ The new promotional poster shows all five liars, Alison, Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna on a dark and ominous background with a blood red ‘A’ emblazoned on it. Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer make up the corners while Alison is more centered with the ‘A.’. All the ladies have a serious expression on their faces, but Alison is the only one that has part of the red ‘A’ across her face. Take a look at the new poster below and let us know your latest ‘A’ theories in the comments section.

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Pretty Little Liars Poster

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