Ravenswood Episode 1×06 “Revival” Review



Budding Friendships & Impossible Romance – “Ravenswood” Returns With An All-New Episode!

Alrightey Ravenswood fans, we’re back and ready for business! After a nearly unbearable hiatus (why do the networks DO this to us?!) this Pretty Little Liars’ spin-off has returned in full force. Episode 1×06, dubbed “Revival” was an unveiling tale of sorts. As our Scooby Gang dig deeper into the mysterious preacher and his journal, they’re transported back in time to when the original Caleb and Miranda overheard their parents’ pact. Sex and feels were also on the menu, as Miranda deals with the aftermath of her near-death experience with Caleb, and Olivia gives in to her own desires and hands her V-plates to Class-A-Creep Dillon (I can’t be the only one who doesn’t like this guy?). Anyway, let’s put our hiking boots on and trek forward into this all-new episode of Ravenswood! 

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MERRITT PATTERSON, BRETT DIER, BRITNE OLDFORDThe Sins Of Our Fathers… You know when families refer to the skeletons in their closet, and you desperately hope those skeletons aren’t still alive and kicking? Yeah well, our Scooby Gang copped the raw end of the deal when it came to the secrets in their ancestors’ closets – not to mention those skeletons are most definitely still hovering around causing mayhem. Cue burning books and psychic heirlooms; I mean, I know names are powerful but yeesh. That Preacher-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named knows how to cause a stir. Speaking of troublemakers, the gang better keep their eyes on Mr. Collins. Inviting himself into Olivia and Luke’s house to deliver some flowers? Only Collins could appear creepy while actually being sincere. Like Luke and Olivia, I’m rather perturbed by the whole encounter. Of course, Collins pales in comparison to Mrs. Grunwald, especially now that we see she’s rather invested in some kind of entity floating about the house. Though isn’t Meg Foster just the perfect actress for that part? The cryptic housekeeper who knows far more than she’s letting on; who harbours the secrets of the past like ornaments in a locked cabinet. While I applaud Olivia’s gusto, did she really think she’d get Grunwald to talk? I get the feeling Grunwald only shares information when she deems it necessary – and no sooner than that. So I wonder who – or what – this mysterious crackly protector is? A former lover? Someone who took part in the pact – or died at the hands of it? Or worse still – the “other” being the little girl in red keeps referring to?

“Be careful my dear, you think you have the answers but you don’t even know what the questions are.” ~ Mrs. Grunwald

TYLER BLACKBURNLove Knows No Bounds… Nope, not even the boundary between life and death. There’s nothing quite so painful as unrequited love, though our eyes would dictate Miranda’s not the only one pining over someone. I’m with Luke on this – if you have to point out nothing happened, then it means something could have. Honestly, the more I watch this show the worse I feel for Miranda. When this is all over, Caleb can just go back to Hanna in Rosewood – because why would he stay? Miranda (not to state the obvious but) is dead. How do you cope with that? How do you accept the inevitable? Fate might have brought the two of you together but death will keep you worlds apart. Unless, of course, our Scooby Gang DOES find a way to reverse the curse (in which case I will dance with joy and celebrate with cocktails). Whatever happens, we can’t deny that Tyler Blackburn and Nicole Anderson have some rocking chemistry. I’m content with watching their no-touching encounters for the moment.

“I didn’t want you to stay just for the company.” ~ Miranda
“What kept you from asking?” ~ Caleb
“Mostly because I wasn’t sure if you and I – you know.” ~ Miranda

MERRITT PATTERSON, BRETT DIER, BRITNE OLDFORD, TYLER BLACKBURNGirl Talk, Boy Talk… One of the perks of this episode was the mini friendships forming across the board. Caleb and Luke had their little bromantic chat while Olivia and Miranda became couch buddies and talked about boys and V-plates and such. Before we go into Remy’s dreamland, I must say one thing – Dillon is WEIRD. It’s not just the fact he’s in cahoots with that unsettling little girl in red; it’s something else. Maybe it’s the slicked-back do which is so-far-out-of-style-it-should-be-shaved-off, or perhaps it’s the way he doesn’t so much smile as he turns up the corners of his mouth. Either way, I don’t like him and I don’t trust him. I hope one of the Scooby Gang senses that too. Anyway! Remy learns there’s something sinister in her dreams stopping her from learning the truth. Her mom (surprise surprise) gives her a way to control the nightmarish edge in her dreams, and she decides they have to investigate by letting her sleep-walk through a creepy field and forest (ah but that’s a normal Tuesday in Ravenswood). Jumping back in time, Remy sees more of that fateful night; meanwhile Luke and Caleb fight off the killer scarecrow so she can do so undisturbed. Now the question is –  who (or what) did their ancestors pledge their allegiance to? And how far will it go (pitchforks seem tame, to be quite honest) to seal its end of the deal? And by the looks of things, the Collins family are right in on it. On the plus side, so glad Remy and Luke made amends. They’re adorbs.

“This is more than just a dream Luke. It feels like a journey.” ~ Remy

On a whole I liked this episode, but I feel it lacked the heightened suspense and mystery of previous episodes. It was also fairly slow-moving, though I think that’s because it was more informative in nature. One thing “Revival” did do was fill in some gaps – like who took part in the pact that forever altered the fate of future generations. Plus, it gave us an eerie view of Mrs Grunwald. Kudos to writer Nelson Soler for letting us explore the skeletons in their ancestors’ closets; not to mention the budding friendships and impossible romances. Suffice it to say, I’m hooked on this show and I eagerly await the next episode.

Ravenswood Episode 1×07 “Home is Where the Heart Is (Seriously Check the Floorboards)”
airs Tuesday 14 JAN (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT) on ABC Family