Ravenswood Episode 1×10 “My Haunted Heart” Review



Servants & Masters – The powers that be reveal themselves in the Winter Finale of “Ravenswood”…

For 9 episodes we’ve waited and wondered about the Ravenswood curse, and while episode 1×10 “My Haunted Heart” didn’t give us all the answers it did shed some light on the infamous pact and the terrible fate of Luke and Olivia’s dad. Hanna’s surprise visit caused quite the upheaval for Caleb and a vicious blow to Miranda, whose hopes of being the sole woman in his life were surely slashed. When Remy goes missing the blame is quickly placed on Douchebag Dillon, though the teens soon realise there are even stronger forces at work than Mr Collins and his hair jars. So, let’s talk about the episode shall we?

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BRITNE OLDFORDTwo’s Company, Three’s a Crowd… Talk about awkward reunions – “Yeah I was going to kick Miranda’s ass for taking you away from me, but now I just feel bad.” Soz Hanna, that clearly wasn’t what you were expecting when you arrived in Ravenswood. This episode was a treat for PLL fans who support Haleb, as it drew them closer together rather than putting a bigger wedge between them. Hell, even Mrs Grunwald was Team Haleb, though perhaps her motives were on the more sinister side? ‘Til death do us part maybe? After all, Hanna did have a couple of close calls; the least of which was hanging out with Max (god that kid gives me the creeps). My favourite part of this episode though was when Hanna and Miranda had their one-way chat with each other. It was undoubtedly awful for Miranda, having to watch the boy she loves run after his first love and pretty much ignore her for the entire episode. It’s tough to say whether Hanna and Caleb will find their way back to each other, especially if destiny claims Miranda and Caleb ought to be together (for the record I’m not fussed either way, I just want to see everyone get some lovin’). But frankly I am disappointed in this move made by the writers… it’s great having Ashley Benson on-screen, but her presence in this episode felt like a desperate call to grab more PLL viewers. It didn’t appear to serve any other purpose aside from being a distraction for Caleb, because – let’s be honest – what else did Hanna do in this episode? Beside taking a stroll around town and having a spider-infested bath? I’m all for Haleb scenes, but if Hanna visits in the future it should be with a greater purpose and a bigger role in the pact drama. And maybe we could be treated to a ghostly bitch fight between Miranda and Hanna? I’d be totes down for that, just for the record.

“I’ll protect him.. until he can come back to you.” ~ Miranda

TYLER BLACKBURN, ASHLEY BENSONBad Things Always Happen In Bathtubs… What I don’t really understand about this episode is why the ghosts of the Collins house wanted to hurt Hanna. Was there a reason behind their motives? I’ll venture a guess that the spiders were those from the red-headed woman’s facial nest, but if so, why target Hanna? Simply for sport, or because she was attached to Caleb? Common sense would probably dictate the latter, but frankly I’m feeling Hanna’s frustration – why can’t somebody give a straight-forwarded explanation about what on earth is going on? The same goes for Max, Ryan and Douchebag Dillon. From what we can deduce, Max is in cahoots with Abbadon and much more powerful than her red coat and black beret would indicate (for a moment there, I thought she was just a miniature version of Spider Woman, but the final scene in the chapel seemed to screw that theory). Ryan is clearly one of the pact victims (as Remy and Luke discovered) though why he’s suddenly decided to pop up and help the teens is a mystery (since when can ghosts give you a trip down memory lane anyway?). And Douchebag Dillon (aside from being a douche) was a target for the pact before he substituted Olivia for himself and became a pawn in Abbadon’s game. Good lord, what a mess. I suppose the only really good thing to come out of this episode was that Olivia and Luke finally know who murdered their dad and – as an added bonus – Dillon’s now train kill. Do we think it’s safe to assume Dillon was supposed to take Miranda’s place on the other side? If so, that’s kinda sucky. If or when they do bring Miranda back to life, somebody’s going to cark it. So… who will the lucky victim be?

“He knows, but is he capable?” ~ Mrs Grunwald

BRETT DIERThe Trouble With The Pact… The biggest thing we learnt about the pact in this episode was that Gabriel needed all 5 teens alive and well before he sentenced them all to death – one happy mass murder. On the plus side, now we know it’s possible for Miranda to be resurrected (have we deemed Collins a trustworthy source of information yet? Let’s just say for this particular thing we believe him). On the down side, she has to stay dead until the teens do… what exactly? Obliterate the pact? Send Abbadon to hell? For the record, I vote both. What was interesting was how Gabriel was afraid of the original Caleb Rivers coming back to haunt them. Collins seemed to think his presence was key, claiming “Two are stronger than one.” So how will two Caleb’s change the game in their favour? Is it something to do with doppelgänger magic? Ancestral ties? Or did Collins make a desperate decision – not because he wanted the Caleb’s to work together but so he could save Miranda? He was pretty insistent with Caleb that whoever meddles with this pact ends up dead. There’s still something fishy about Collins though, sentimental moments or not. He’s a far greater actor than anyone (except maybe Grunwald) gives him credit for. But back to the jar smashing – if Miranda falls in love with Original Caleb doesn’t that mean she’s in love with Caleb’s great-great-great-great (etc) grandfather? In which case… ew. Let’s hope the teens manage to destroy the pact, get rid of Abbadon and resurrect Miranda so she can get back to loving present-day Caleb. Should be a piece of cake, right?

“Whoever questions this gets the same answer – death.” ~ Collins

On a whole, the Ravenswood winter season finale felt nothing like a finale should. Yes it had some great moments – Hanna’s one-way chat with Miranda, Mr Collins rocking some manic ghostly warfare, Douchebag DIllon getting hit by a train… but all in all, the episode was slow and boring. It’s true that I loved the re-emergence of the original Caleb Rivers (and Miranda’s subsequent sadness throughout the episode culminating in a bewildered “I can feel you” – gah, Nicole Anderson is beautiful), and Mrs Grunwald continues to be eerily fantastic, but in terms of cliff-hangers? “My Haunted Heart” was severely lacking in explosive ones. Since when did we resort to running clumsily through the forest after a glowing square in the chapel scares us out the door? If not for Mr Collins unveiling more of the mystery around the pact, that entire scene would have put me to sleep. And what about Remy’s ‘disappearance’? That was a total let-down. The episode should have seen Remy trapped in some coffin buried beneath the ground, while we’re left wondering if the group will ever find her – THAT would have been a superb cliff-hanger. Granted, I understand that writer Joseph Dougherty was trying to show us that Abbadon needs them all to die together for the deal to be upheld, but it would have been better expressed through a desperate kind of fear, rather than hopeful longing that Miranda would be resurrected. But I’ll admit, the release of Caleb Rivers provided an interesting twist, as did previous pact victim Ryan’s help with Mr Matheson’s murder (although I’m not even going to comment on the shiny lights emanating from the memory they witnessed). But what I’m most looking forward to if Ravenswood returns is Caleb’s reaction when Miranda tells him about the original Caleb. Ooh, that’ll be worth the wait methinks. Well, if the show is renewed I guess I’ll be seeing you Ravenswood fans!