Ravenswood Review Episode 1×09 “Along Came a Spider”



Truth & Sacrifice – “Ravenswood” gave viewers the creepy crawlies in this week’s episode…

Ravenswood has a penchant for the sombre – not to mention the highly disturbing. Episode 1×09 “Along Came a Spider” gave viewers the creepy crawlies as insect-brewing ghosts kept an eye on our teens, and Luke and Remy were on the lookout for Class-A Creep Dillon. Meanwhile, Caleb starts his first day at school with Miranda as his auditor, and they spend after-school hours exploring hidden churches and deciphering glowing names. As secrets come to light and damsels are freed on bail, the teens find themselves falling deeper into the troubling world of Ravenswood. Now, let’s talk about this episode shall we?

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Maleb Feels… I’m not a Pretty Little Liars fan so I can’t really relate to the Caleb/Hanna relationship, but what I can relate to is the promise of new feels with new loves – namely, Caleb and Miranda. Yes yes I know she’s dead and all that, but when has true love ever let anything stand in its way? Granted it’s never going to go anywhere, but I’ve been enjoying Maleb feels nonetheless. My favourite scene of the entire episode was when those girls caught Caleb “talking to himself” and Miranda proceeded to knock their books from their hands. Well, she promised to be his guardian right? I think she’s doing a pretty snazzy job, to be quite honest. It’s hard not to feel bad for Miranda though, stuck on the other side with all these emotions; seeing but not being able to touch. That’d drive the best of us stark raving mad. I’m positively itching to see the interactions between Caleb, Hanna and Miranda next week when Han shows up uninvited. Talk about awkward – “Hey so, I’m kinda in love with a ghost, that’s why I broke up with you.” Uh, we don’t envy you that conversation Caleb. Speaking of feels, we didn’t get our usual dose of Luke and Remy ones which was a shame. Alas, Remy was too caught up in getting the truth from Spencer, and that came at a terrible price. But sometimes, the truth is worth the sacrifice. Remy’s decision may have put her in serious danger though; someone clearly wanted the truth buried and who knows what they’ll do once they realise Remy is the reason it’s front page news? We’ll just have to wait to find out!

“You can still crave something you can’t have.” ~ Miranda


Fraternizing With The Enemy…  I must confess, I feel a little bad for Olivia. Finding out the boy you gave your V card to is also a world class liar and attempted murderer can’t have been easy. On the plus side, at least now she knows what a creep her boyfriend is. And hang on, he got OUT of the pact by trading places with Olivia? Far out, he’s a spineless weasel too. Any chance we could swap him back in for maybe Remy? Just a thought. Anyway, so this was an interesting plot twist. I’m curious as to how many teens have been able to schmooze their way out of being a solider sacrifice. What unspeakable acts might they have had to perform in order to escape death? Could Dillon have murdered Mr. Matheson? We already know he convinced Springer to bury that bloody knife in their backyard, what if he was the actual killer? Of course this is all just speculation. I would have thought offering up someone else to take your place would be enough to get yourself off the hook without killing someone they love as well. Then there’s Mr. Collins’ weird infatuation with Rochelle which – while admittedly sweet – makes me think he had something to do with Mr. M’s death (hasn’t he heard of a good old-fashioned affair? Yeesh). But what if all this Who Dunnit crap simply hides the fact that there’s a very good reason Rochelle is suspect no. 1… she did it? In a town like Ravenswood, the concept isn’t exactly far-fetched. Still, I can’t wait to see more of Collins making himself comfortable in the Matheson home (unwelcome guests provide such entertainment, wouldn’t you agree?).

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that snake may have some warm blood in his veins.” ~ Miranda


The Writing On The Floor… Great Scott, would you look at that?! An unearthly glow illuminated the floor inside that little church and presto, 6 names appeared! *insert sarcasm here* Ignoring how terrible that spot of CGI was, the names listed raised another question in the whole pact problem. Why did the names differ to the original elders who signed the pact? Could they be the ones who – like Dillon – escaped death’s clutches by making a deal with Collins (or someone else entirely?). What IS the deal with Collins anyway? One second he’s Mr. Nice Guy setting damsels free from parole, the next he’s looking all shifty in the front seat of a car with the World’s Biggest Douchebag. He’s an enigma that one, and I love it. You wouldn’t know if he was running the show or just another pawn, and that in itself makes his character worthwhile. Speaking of puzzles, who – or what – was that woman with the spider crawling from her face? She can’t possibly be good news, whoever she is (Life Lesson #652 – Never trust anyone with insects emerging from their body). I wonder why she’s showed up now (we haven’t seen her before have we?); the only significant change in this episode where she appeared was when the Matheson’s were viewing Mr. M’s new headstone (which, we might note, was donated and installed by none other than mystery man himself, Mr. Collins). So, is she another victim of the pact? A deathly omen of sorts? Just an innocent ghost with a fetish for spiders? I most certainly am interested to find out!

“Granted I don’t make a lot of friends with the living, but I try and give something to those they’ve lost. Dignity, we’re often robbed of it when we’re alive.” ~ Mr. Collins

BRETT DIER, BRITNE OLDFORDWhile this episode was a definite improvement to last week’s, it still wasn’t phenomenal. The special effects have to be this show’s greatest let-down; and really, having a low budget is no excuse. My other major qualm is with the acting – while most of the Ravenswood cast have settled into their roles, there are some whose performance remains cringe-worthy. I’m fairly forgiving at the best of times, but Mrs Matheson’s “Find Remy, get him home” line was so awful I sat back and laughed. It’s a shame because I adore Remy (her hair is positively delightful), Caleb and Miranda have such great interactions, and Olivia’s puppy dog eyes are enough to distract anyone from the events happening around her. I’d even watch an entire episode dedicated to Mr. Collins and his chameleon personality. That being said, I recognise \writers Oliver Goldstick and Francesca Rollins as well as director Joshua Butler for this episode; if nothing but for the final 10 minutes where Douchebag Dillon’s colours were finally revealed, Remy saw a ghost with liquid black eyes and Caleb looked disdainfully at the spiders suddenly at his feet. If you’re going to make an otherwise mediocre episode, then why not end it with a bang? I’m nothing if not curious as to what the winter finale will bring. Til next week!

Ravenswood Episode 1×10 “My Haunted Heart” airs Tuesday 4 FEB (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT) on ABC Family