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Florentine murder plots, tangible high’s, low’s and promising character development, the promise of one epic finale and King’s Landing intrigue continues to be riveting.

The Blacklist on of our top Monday night must watch tv. It was a surprise to see episode 21, “Berlin, Pt 1.” score a “D” especially so close to the finale. Tiffany explains besides this not being her favorite episode that the show seems to be headed to a lot of unanswered questions as we head into the finale “Berlin, Pt 2.”

In this week Da Vinci’s DemonsA Fall From Heaven,” Bayezid seeks diplomacy in Rome. And Reviewer Tiffany observes in episode seven “The Vault of Heaven” that the drama series gives viewers some heavy themes to ponder.” She praises the writers, “Marco Ramirez and Brian Nelson wrote a fun episode filled with harrowing adventures.” Meanwhile, find out why Game of Thrones episode “The First of His Name” reviewer Tiffany says,  “Season 4 of Game of Thrones is probably the most interesting season since season 1, as all of the episodes so far have been extraordinarily good.” Despite last weeks “The Stone Child” where Reviewer Jayne mentioned, “the show is still getting started so there’s time for the kinks to be ironed out,” she shares how impressed she is by ‘Salem’s steady rise to excellence’ in this weeks review of “In Vain” as teh season finale for Revenge is hell bent to make this one of it’s epic episode yet. How it will “Execution” top “Impetus” spine chilling episode that left us with a cliff hanger sure to have Revengie fans tuning in. Refresh and Recap below for tonights episode!


The Battle of New OrleansThe Originals Episode 1×21 “The Battle of New Orleans” Review | Editor Rating: A

War Has Come – The End is Fast Approaching With This Week’s Episode of “The Originals”… Shut your windows and bolt your doors, for “The Battle of New Orleans” has begun and the first wave left devastation… READ ENTIRE REVIEW

PROS: The fantastic plot twists and shockers. Francesca’s wolf-out. Genevieve’s betrayal. Klaus’s reactions. Marcel’s pep talk. Elijah’s one-man war. Davina and Josh. Explosions. Hayley calling Monique a psychotic bitch. Klaus on a ledge. Vamp-napping. Marcel and Klaus’s showdown. The cliff-hanger of an ending.

CONS: Cami was in this but it would have been nice to see more of her. Minor qualm though in an otherwise epic episode.

WORTH THE WATCH?: This wasn’t just a phenomenal episode – this was an episode to remember.


The Blacklist

The Blacklist Episode (1×21) Review – “Berlin, Pt. 1″ | Editor Rating: D

Berlin’s not a place, it’s a person. At least that’s what viewers on NBC’s the Blacklist figured out back when Tom burned down his lair a few episodes back. Not that that means anything with this show, but it was definitely a very good guess.  READ ENTIRE REVIEW

PROS: Berlin” finally arrived, and hopefully we’ll learn who/what he is.

CONS: More wishy-washy Liz, Ressler and the gang were mostly sidelined again, and nothing really happened. The villain-of-the-week wasn’t important to anything else going on, and if he was who cares?

WORTH THE WATCH? – A whole lot of “Meh?” this week, and “Berlin” left us feeling hollow and bored.


Salem 103 02

Salem Episode 1×03 “In Vain” Review | Editor Rating: B+

Voodoo Dolls, Singing Fornicators, Seer’s Pets Come to Life – This Week’s Episode of “Salem” Saves a Life But Incriminates Another’s…  Hide your wives & hide your sheep, for Isaac the fornicator’s been set loose on Salem – READ ENTIRE REVIEW

PROS: A deeper look into our villains and their conflicting characteristics, as well as seeing varying sides to Isaac the fornicator. Power plays between Mary and Hale, and Anne’s battle with black irises and a death-inducing voodoo doll. Loved the directing in this episode as well.

CONS: Aside from some characters falling to the wayside, nothing I can truly pinpoint. The only negative I suppose was no major cliff-hanger at the end. Missed Cotton’s rants too.

WORTH THE WATCH?: While there’s still potential for the viewer to lose interest if the plot is ever compromised by an excessive amount of cliché violence or witchy knick-knacks, as a whole this episode remained entertaining, nail-biting and – of course – creepy.


Revenge Episode 3×21 “Impetus” Review | Editor Rating: A

From Kidnapping to Capture – This Week’s Episode of “Revenge” Brought Emily Closer to Her Ultimate Goal… Events are escalating in the Hamptons and we have one person to thank: Emily Thorne. Kidnapping Charlotte as a twisted way… READ ENTIRE REVIEW

PROS: Conrad’s demise, Charlotte finally knowing the truth, Victoria’s sly mission, Danny and Margaux’s kindling romance, the EAN kidnapping squad, Jack being a nuisance (though not really because it was all part of the plan), AIDEN PUNCHING DANIEL, the adrenalin-fueled nature of this episode.

CONS: The fact that people aren’t WATCHING :O

WORTH THE WATCH?: Leaving us with a major cliff-hanger and the promise of one epic finale, “Impetus” was everything it needed to be in the race towards Emily’s goal of the ultimate Revenge.

Game of Thrones Episode 405aGame of Thrones Episode (4×05) Review – “The First of His Name”  | Editor Rating: A

The spectacular fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones continues moving right along with “The First of His Name.” In episode 405, Tommen ascends the thrones as king just as the Lannisters discover they’re broke…READ ENTIRE REVIEW

PROS: Lots of crazy Eyrie goodness. Arya was back bickering with the Hound (and nearly killing him), Jon and Ghost reunited.

CONS: More rape. Can we please take a break for one episode at least?

WORTH THE WATCH?: “The First of His Name” showcased the dangers of women and how they overcome them, making it the second best episode of the season thus far.


DaVinci's Demons 2014

Da Vinci’s Demons Episode (2×07) Review – “The Vault of Heaven”  | Editor Rating: B+

Da Vinci’s Demons Channeled Indiana Jones as Leonardo and Riario Entered the Vault of Heaven All season long we’ve been waiting to discover what lies behind the doors to the Vault of Heaven. On this week’s episode. READ ENTIRE REVIEW

PROS: I’m down for any Indian Jones type adventure. Especially when there’s a bit of swashbuckling thrown in for good measure. Two thumbs up!

CONS: The strong Clarice we’ve come to know over the past two seasons seemed to weaken due to a little cunnilingus. Seriously? While a well done sex scene is always fun to watch, this rung less true than a Book whose pages changes by the second.

WORTH THE WATCH? – Da Vinci’s Demons’ forays into the New World continues to be fun to watch, and while all the characters are separated, each story is as fun as the next.