Reign 1×09 Episode Synopsis & Stills – “For King and Country”


Reign - For King and CountryTrust Fate or Make Your Own

On the last episode of Reign, Mary and Francis had declared their love for one another fully and made their desire to marry known. However, Mary began having second thoughts after learning of Nostradamus’ prediction that her marriage to Francis would bring the future king’s death. Kenna who was demanding Diane’s removal from the castle, was a target of a poisoning, but wound up killing Aylee instead. Mary runs away from the castle scared by the death and hoping to save Francis’ life with Bash as her escort. The CW has released the official episode synopsis for Reign 1×09 “For King and Country” below.

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CATHERINE CONSPIRES TO HAVE MARY ELIMINATED — When Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Bash (Torrance Coombs) are captured and forced to return to the castle, they discover Catherine (Megan Follows) waiting and even more determined to keep Mary and Francis apart. Francis learns of the prophecy, but his determination to wed Mary changes everything: in love in politics, tearing the bond of brothers apart, and hardening Catherine’s resolve to destroy Mary at any cost.   Caitlin Stasey, Anna Popplewell and Celina Sinden also star.

The first episode still photograph below for Reign 1×09 “For King and Country” is from a scene between Francis and Mary. Judging by the pair’s body language, it looks as if they’re having a rather serious conversation, Perhaps Francis is inquiring why Mary ran off with his brother instead of talking to him. Or maybe he is trying to convince her that he doesn’t believe in Nostradamus’ predictions. The second episode still shows Nostradamus in what appears a cell or behind bars. He is holding a candle and one can see light from a window in the background, It is hard to tell if he is on the inside or outside of the bars. Guess we’ll find out for sure in next new episode. Make sure to check it out and the rest of the episode stills below. And be sure not to miss the episode promo at the bottom.

Reign 1×09 “For King and Country” airs Thursday January, 23rd on The CW

For King and Country

For King and Country

 Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW