Reign: Five Things We’ve Learned at SDCC 2014


Reign SDCC 2014

Frary, Mistresses, The Plague & More – Cast Of The CW’s “Reign” Tease Season 2 At SDCC 2014

San Diego Comic Con welcomed the cast of Reign into the chambers of Ballroom 20, as fans eagerly awaited to hear from stars Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows, Toby Regbo and Executive Producer Laurie McCarthy dish on the events of season 1 and the upcoming season 2. From “Frary” to babies to the plague that’s hit the kingdom, attendees heard the latest from the cast in the panel scheduled from 1.15 – 2.00pm. We were fortunate enough to attend the panel and enjoy the latest spoilery tidbits, so let us share with you five things we learned about Reign at SDCC.

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Reign SDCC 6 2014

1. Babies and battles.

According to Laurie McCarthy, “Frary” shippers should be “a little nervous and a little excited” about what’s to come for Francis and Mary in Season 2. She told the audience that “there’s so many stories to tell and so many chapters” and as she’s “Team Frary” she’s in “no rush to say goodbye to Toby or Francis.” They even teased the possibility of a Frary baby. How does that make you feel shippers?

Reign SDCC 4 2014

2. Grief lies over the kingdom.

Laurie promises this season will show us “what rises from the ashes of the plague.” Each character will feel haunted as they battle with their demons and the decisions they made last season. “It’s primarily [about] people who are haunted by the things they’ve done,” she noted.

Reign SDCC 1 2014

3. The baby lives! … for now?

A teaser trailer of Season 2 shows a flash of Francis holding an infant, and one can only assume that is Lola’s and his love child! What do you think Reign fans, do you want the baby to survive?

Reign SDCC 5 2014

4. Love is in the air for Queen Catherine!

Guess what Catherine fans? Laurie told us that Megan Follows’ character will have future lovers. Who might she shack up with? One of the newcomers? Take a guess!

Reign SDCC 3 2014

5. Catherine and Mary will butt heads.

Adelaide Kane and Laurie McCarthy dished on the tension between Catherine and Mary, which will rise to new heights in season 2. But don’t expect Mary to falter easily; even though she has more in common with the Queen now (both their husbands were cheaters), she also wants to rule. What do you think Reign fans? Will their tension come to a head?

Reign returns October 2 at 9/8c on The CW

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