Reign Poll – Which French Gentleman is Worthy of a Queen’s Heart?


REIGNAre You Team Francis Or Team Bash?

The CW’s new period drama, Reign has quickly become a favorite among fans. The series exposes the dark secrets of sex, lies, seduction and betrayal in the French court. Reign follows the early years of Mary Queen of Scots in France during the 16th century. She left her family behind and left for French court where her three best friends her ladies in waiting, Mary arrived to France at the young age of 15 promised to Prince Francis and to serve as the next Queen of France.,

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Many challenges awaited Mary at court, but being torn between the King’s sons wasn’t one she even imagined. She’s been promised to Prince Francis since age six, but didn’t expect to be drawn to the King’s step-son, Sebastian, as well. Mary questioned Francis’ commitment to her and their union at first, but his reputation with the girls at court didn’t help matters. His true feelings showed when Mary considered another man’s hand in marriage on behalf of her country. Mary and Francis found their way back to one another. And then Francis first love comes back to court to retake what was once hers and she has the Queen on her side. However, through at the drama of court, Sebastian has always been a friend and someone Mary could turn to for advice. The connection between the two of them is undeniable and has even started to raise the eyebrows of  Francis and his mother, the Queen. Who do you think should be the one to win the lovely Mary’s heart? Make sure you weigh in with your opinion below.

Reign airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW!