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French Royalty Rules Comic Con

The CW’s hit period drama, Reign chronicles the life of young Mary Queen of Scots as she takes her place at the French Court  Mary quickly learns all is fair in love and war as she is quickly tested by her surroundings, including Queen Katherine, the mother of her betrothed, Prince Francis. Season one of the series sees Mary as she encounters many obstacles. One is the choice between her husband-to-be and his step-brother. She comes into her own and even manages to win over Queen Katherine’s approval. And now that Francis is outside the court’s gates and the plague on its way, there’s no clue what season two has in store for French Court and it’s members. .

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Live updates of the Comic Con Q & A panel with Reign’s executive producer Laurie McCarthy and series stars Adelaide Kane (Mary), Megan Follows (Katherine) and Toby Regbo (Francis) are below.

1:20 PM – Starts with season 1 sizzle reel that says “An Evil Awakens” over a picture of Bash!

1:21 PM –  “If you want to lay claim to the nation, take France. Reign season 2 teaser trailer!

1:24 PM — “They should be a little nervous and a little excited.” Laurie McCarthy says of “Frary” .

1:25 PM – “We’re very sad to lose our king, but it’s a new era.” Laurie McCarthy teases season 2.

1:27 PM – Megan Follows says she’s thankful for Henry and how he helped shape her character.

1:28 PM – “It may seem like I’m trying to kill her but we actually have a lot of fun.” Megan Follows says of Mary & Catherine.

1:30 PM – “Everyone dies, that’s the plot twist!” Adelaide Kane jokes about the plague. “This season is about what rises from the ashes of the plague.” – Laurie McCarthy.

1:31 PM – “There’s so many stories to tell and so many chapters,” says Laurie McCarthy of Mary & Francis’ marriage.

1:32 PM- “I’m really interested to see her wrest power away from Catherine.” Adelaide Kane talks about the upcoming political tension.

1:34 PM – “Mary has something in common with Catherine now.” Megan Follows says the rules are not the same for women in power.

1:35 PM – Moderator: “People are very interested in Mary’s fertility.” Toby: “I try my best.” A chance for a Frary baby? “There’s a chance for anything,” says Laurie McCarthy.

1:36 PM – “It’s like a drawstring beige bag you put marbles in when you were a kid.” Toby talks about filming sex scenes on set! 

1:38 PM – Host: “According to Wikipedia your character’s dead.” Toby: “Also according to Wikipedia my character has undescended testicles.”

1:38 PM – “I’m team Frary myself. I’m in no rush to say goodbye to Toby or Francis.” – Laurie McCarthy

1:39 PM – “Their chemistry was there for the taking,” Laurie McCarthy says of Adelaide and Toby.

1:40 PM – “It gets so boring!!” Adelaide Kane says of never ending love triangles.”I do think they’ll always have a special relationship, I just don’t think they’ll bang.” Adelaide Kane remarks on Mary and Bash.

1:43 PM – “That’s just your mother speaking to you.” Megan Follows motions at Toby Regbo.

1:44 PM – “Yes, I am my father’s son.” Toby Regbo says of following in Henry’s footsteps.

1:44 PM – “I feel Catherine is at her best when she is scrappy and dangerous.” Laurie McCarthy.

1:45 PM – “It’s primarily people are haunted by things they’ve done.” Laurie McCarthy teases a haunted new season.

1:48 PM – Season 2 footage screened — lots of blood, fighting, and insane gowns. “Welcome to the real France.”- season 2 teaser!

1:50 PM – “We’re going to have future lovers, definitely.” Laurie says of Catherine’s love life.

1:51 PM – “Equal parts awesome, equal parts uncomfortable,” says Adelaide of wearing the beautiful dresses.

1:53 PM – Adelaide Kane says her favourite scene was one with Francis when she said “I did what you couldn’t do!”

1:54 PM – “She’s a fiercely loyal person,” Megan Follows says Catherine isn’t black & white with her choices.

1:55 PM – SPOILER — it looks like the baby survives!

1:56 PM – “I kinda want to be the king, throwing women out of my chambers.” says Megan Follows of who she’d be if not Catherine.

2:00 PM – Adelaide just gave out some signed question cards to those in the audience who’d been waving at her earlier!

Reign Returns Thursday, October 2nd at 9/8c on the CW.

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