Revenge Episode 3×08 “Secrecy” Review


Revenge Review

From Strength To Strength – “Revenge” Continues To Seduce & Impress…

This season of Revenge has gone from strength to strength. Episode 3×08 “Secrecy,” written expertly by Sallie Patrick JaSheika James and directed by Colin Bucksey, was yet another step up from last week’s brilliant episode. With the wedding only two weeks away, Emily is determined nothing will deter her plans and Queen V is equally ready to thwart them. This episode was like a ticking time bomb, with Jack learning of Aiden’s role in Emily’s life (and life-after-revenge), Daniel inheriting the key to Grayson’s Sex Den and the threat of Charlotte’s risqué European photo shoot leaking to the public. “Secrecy” finally exploded when Conrad’s ex-lover Lydia Davis strolled onto the screen as if she’d just risen from the grave (which to most, she would have). Is it ever quiet in the Hamptons?!

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EMILY VANCAMP, MADELEINE STOWEQueen V Strikes Again… In future we’ll heed Danny’s warning — “she seems abnormally giddy today, and that means she’s up to something” – and he was right. Victoria was on a warpath, though Ems was clearly armed and ready with her own counter-attack. The most twisted part about their interactions this episode was how spot-on Daniel was (and later Queen V herself) about how similar Emily and Victoria are. I actually feel sorry for Ems, because when she realises she’s turned into the mirror image of her worst enemy, it’s going to hit hard. Despite Emily’s successful plan, I think Victoria came out on top this episode. Her original intentions might have been to humiliate Emily, but the showdown had its desired effect – Daniel saw the reincarnation of his mother on that stage. Besides, Queen V wanted Daniel back in Sara’s arms, and it worked. Emily might have saved face in front of all those bridal shower guests, but in that moment she lost Daniel – dare I say? – for good. Thankfully Emily’s long-term goal to marry Danny and frame Victoria is still going according to plan, especially after she used the oldest trick in the book – sorry Danny, you ain’t getting out of the engagement that easy! It was a heroic effort, so kudos for trying, but alas – you’ll never beat Emily Thorne in her prime.

“Daniel and I are nothing like you and Conrad.” ~ Emily
“We’re more alike than you think.” ~ Victoria

JOSH BOWMANThe Grayson Sex Den… First of all, how creepy was that butler fellow? “Danny this is our secret sex den, complete with its own discreetly creepy butler.” “Yeah sure Dad, why not equip him with a camera and tripod too?” (*shudders*) Anyway! After a slip in Conrad’s screen time last episode, it was refreshing to have Henry Czerny back in fine form this episode. I had to laugh at his passing on the Key of Iniquity, especially when Victoria passed on this info to Emily (when will men learn that women see and know all?). While the Grayson Sex Den wasn’t exactly a surprise (especially seeing as we learnt of Conrad’s extracurricular activities a long time ago), it was effective in readying us for a huge reveal – the return of Lydia Davis! (There was much glee and OMFG’ing on my part I assure you). So I suppose the prime question is – HOW is she alive?! I’m no scientist, but you’d think falling from a something-story building and landing on a car would at least result in a broken back, neck or – as we all assumed – death. No idea how the writers will explain her miraculous recovery but at this stage, I have complete faith in their ability to explain the unexplainable. This was a great plot twist though, especially because Emily thinks that (small hiccups aside) her plan is chugging along nicely. How will she react, let alone deal with, the return of a woman who knows far too much for her own good? This will prove a definite challenge for Ems, one I cannot WAIT to see her overcome. Let’s face it, she’s beaten far more formidable opponents. My prediction? Lydia’s return will be short-lived. Who agrees?

“Did she happen to see that I made People’s Sexiest Man Alive list, right behind Joel McHale?” ~ Nolan

CHRISTA B. ALLENAnd They Call It Puppy Love… I couldn’t get enough of Jack and Aiden’s antagonism towards each other in this episode. For one thing, it stirs my Jemily heart to see Jack so concerned for her life-after-revenge and who she plans on spending it with. For another, watching Barry Sloane get his fight on is highly erotic (if not awesome). I’ve shared Jack’s fears regarding Aiden ever since he left Ems the last time, and to be quite frank, I don’t think she sees her boyfriend for who he truly is. How can you trust someone, wholly and fully, when they are not totally honest with you? She’s going to jet-set across the world with this man, leaving everything she knows and loves. Besides, why would he tell Nolan – Emily’s best friend – something he cannot share with her? I’m not denying Aiden’s feelings for Emily, but his dark side contains some worrying traits. Even his decision to help Charlotte was marred by something more sinister; and despite claims he’d done it for Emily, his actions begged to differ. Nonetheless, I felt this was a pivotal episode of sorts, in terms of Jack and Emily’s relationship. In one brief moment of clarity, Jack could see the real Emily – a little girl, still afraid to let anyone close, wishing things would never change. And we could see how much he still cares for her, although whether it’s enough to stop her from leaving for good – that remains to be seen. 

“Remember what I said about complications Jack?” ~ Aiden

When I say Revenge has gone from strength to strength this season, I don’t say it lightly. Often when shows reach their third season, they start to lose stamina. Impressively (and excitingly!) it has been the opposite for Revenge. With each new episode, another gripping layer is uncovered, in both storyline and character development. Jack, for instance, has become this fiercely protective friend and brother. Nolan has emerged from behind his computers to stand independent of Emily and his adopted wealth. Charlotte has embraced her inner Grayson, but in doing so has become her own person. And our main protagonist, well – she has fallen head-first into the dragon’s den and risen from the ashes stronger than ever. With its amazing dialogue and continuously intriguing plot twists, Revenge is one of the best shows on television. My only qualm now, of course, is – how do we survive 3 weeks until the next episode?

Revenge Episode 3×09 “Surrender” airs Sunday, DEC 8 at 9|8c on ABC