Salem Episode 1.07 Promo – “Our Own Private America”


Salem 107 Promo 2c

The Whole Town Is Going Mad. Burn Those Witches.

On this episode of Salem. We see the witches’ thirst for power increase. Some unexpected twists and turns are being taken including “dream walking”. A new character has just dropped into town and Holy Shit he’s causing all kinds of chaotic hell. – How far will the witches go in their thirst for power and revenge?

Make no mistake, Heathens. It could just as well be your head. ~ Mary Sibley

Enjoy #Salem through it’s visual scary as hell story telling and witchy summons. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself joining the growing coven of #Heathens.

Salem Episode 1.07 “Our Own Private America” airs Sunday at 10|9c on WGN America