Scandal Gets Season 3 Premiere Date, Poster, & Hot New Promo


scandalABC Scandal Tantalizes Viewers With The Reminder That ‘The Secret Is Out’ On New Season 3 Poster

Fans of ABC’s hit series Scandal will have to wait another month for the show to return for its third season, but the new promo contains more than a few goodies. Aside from the promo, the network also released a new poster with a forlorn looking Olivia Pope sans Fitz with the catchphrase, “The Secret is Out.” Aside from the visual treats, the network also finally gave the how its season 3 premiere date. Thursday, October 3rd at 10 PM. In case you missed the promo the last time we posted it, here’s a rundown of what happens in it.

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The promo kicks off with a recap of Olitz’ steamiest encounters. Then it picks up where the season 2 finale left off – Olivia being confronted by reporters about her affair with the President. In all the flashing scenes we see Olivia telling Fitz, “I’m telling you, we need to make a plan.” Great to know we will get some Olitz in the premiere, and Daddy Dearest won’t be keeping Liv hostage. Then we see the team at Pope & Associates looking shocked. It can’t be because of the secret coming out since they all seemed to already know last season. We also see armed soldiers marching Olivia somewhere. My guess it’s through the basement floors of the White House to meet Fitz. This happens while Rowan tells Liv(?), “They will gut you and everyone you know.” That’s ominous! Next we see Mellie declare, “I will air your dirty laundry and show it to the world.” Not sure if she’s talking to Fitz who we last saw in the finale resting his head in her lap, or Olivia during her tête-a-tête with the Prez. Finally, we hear Cyrus ordering a kill order on Olivia Pope as she asks her team, “What did you do?” My guess is Harrison used the black folder Liv gave him last season without consulting her, and made things worse. What’s yours? Checkout the season 3 promo below and be sure to share your theories in the comments below! Also be sure to check out the lovely new official season 3 poster.

“The battle of her life begins.”

Scandal Premieres October 3 at 10\9c on ABC