Season Finale Spoilers: Arrow, Revenge, Scandal, Nikita, Chicago Fire, Beauty and the Beast and More



With many of our TV shows headed straight for their season finales, spoilery goodies can be a breath of relief from the pre-finale madness. TV Guide shares some fantastic scoop on the season finales for CW’s ArrowBeauty and the BeastNikita, and The Vampire DiariesABC’s RevengeOnce Upon a Time and ScandalNBC’s Revolution and Chicago Fire as well as Fox’s The Following. Check it out:

A Juicy Bite Of TV Spoilers: Scandal, Arrow, Revenge And More

The Arrow finale, which airs Wednesday May 15 at 8/7c, is going to be “epic” according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim. It will feature the ultimate showdown between the Dark Archer and Oliver. Guggenheim says: “It is the fight to end all fights.” As the episode is titled “Sacrifice” fans can expect an emotional rollercoaster ride. “It’s a culmination of our season-long mythology as well as the character dynamics that really were set up in the pilot, both in terms of Moira’s duplicity and the love triangle between Oliver, Laurel and Tommy,” states Guggenheim. We’ll see some familiar faces return, as well as our trio on the island trying to prevent Fyres from shooting down a Ferris Air plane. Yikes!

The following night sees Beauty and the Beast air their season finale episode at 9/8c. Expect secrets to be revealed and massive repercussions because of Vince’s lies. Gabe’s history is still being kept hush-hush, so Vincent isn’t sure whether he can hand over his trust to someone so unwilling to share. And yes, expect a cliffhanger as the mythology surrounding Muirfield is highlighted (hopefully no more deaths for this season!). The Vampire Diaries season finale airs right before Beauty and the Beast at 8/7c, and graduation has finally made it to Mystic Falls. But who can focus on that when Silas is still around? Executive producer Julie Plec says: “When the season is over, it’s pretty clear that they haven’t seen the last threat from this guy.” So, Silas is sticking around. For Forwood fans, be prepared, as Klaus controls Tyler’s fate and ultimately whether Caroline and Tyler are free to continue their romance. Also, the Damon-Stefan-Elena triangle is getting a major shake-up: “The end of the season [will be] changing the dynamic of the three drastically and sending each individual party off on a very new and distinct future,” Plec says. Exciting things ahead!

Nikita‘s gusty finale airs on Friday May 17 at 8/7c, and we are treated to the Nikita we love – as she makes a few callous decisions without consulting anyone else. Alex appears to be back, and assisting Michael no less – who has tumbled into a life-threatening situation. Brace yourselves, because death might be returning to this sassy action drama, IF our team doesn’t win in their race to beat the clock. Division is undergoing major changes, so could this be the last we see of their underground hideout? On Fox, The Following will have a massive showdown as the season finale airs on Monday April 29 at 9/8c. Creator Kevin Williamson teases: “[When a] gothic horror story reaches its conclusion, [it] usually ends in someone’s descent into insanity. Joe Carroll has a vision for his ending, which sort of comes to hero vs. villain: Who will win, and who will save the girl?” As this thrilling chapter draws to its conclusion, will Ryan Hardy be forced to his knees? Williamson only says: “It’s called ‘The Final Chapter’ for a reason.”

MADELEINE STOWE, HENRY CZERNYABC’s kicking up the drama with Once Upon a Time‘s season finale on Sunday May 12 at 8/7c. Executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz say it’s time for more backstory on Hook and Neal, and that’s why the final two episodes are titled “Second Star to the Right” and “And Straight On Til Morning.” New characters are being teased but not introduced until Season 3, and in Storybrooke we’ll finally witness Tamara and Greg’s terrifying motives. As Revenge airs straight after at 9/8c, prepare yourselves – there will be another death, and it’ll be a doozy. During the two-hour finale, expect this death to resonate through our characters and leave everyone gasping. In regards to Victoria’s elusive son, creator Mike Kelley says “the story of Victoria’s son begins in earnest in the finale.” As for The Initiative, “All of your questions will be answered. It’ll provide future story, but it will do it by wrapping itself up.” And finally, Emily won’t be able to tug her boys along any further, as she’s forced to pick between Daniel, Aiden and Jack. Who do you think she’ll choose? But let’s not forget ABC’s most delicious drama Scandal, as its finale airs Thursday May 16 at 10/9c. The real identity of the mole will stir up more trouble that the truth is worth, and the White House is facing its biggest political nightmare to date (Great Scott! What could it be?!) and Fitz makes a decision which alter’s everyone’s fate. Do we dare hope for Olitz?!

Lastly, let’s take a look at NBC’s Chicago Fire and Revolution. The fiery drama airs its season finale on Wednesday May 22 at 10/9c, and crisis is the name of the game. Firehouse 51 land themselves in an extended, harrowing rescue plot, and their personal lives take a battering as well. Mills and Dawson are brought to an emotional crossroads, while Shay and Severide receive devastating news about their plans to have a baby. Revolution, which airs its finale on Monday June 3 at 10/9c, sets its sights on a Miles and Monroe face off. Creator Eric Kripke says: “Hopefully, it will be equally epic and unexpected and surprising. They definitely beat the holy crap out of each other, but [we] also slow down their story enough so that they can actually talk and really confront each other… emotionally.” Kripke also teases the reunion of the entire group, and Charlie is deadset on proving her ninja skills without the loss of her humanity. The finale will “pay off pretty much every mystery and story line we’ve been setting up throughout the first season,” says Kripke. Hoo boy, gonna be a bumpy ride!

Source: TV Guide