Spoiler Scoop: Scandal, Nikita, Once Upon a Time, Revenge and More!


What would we do without a good spoiler? Probably become comatose during hiatuses, of that we’re sure. Fortunately we’re here to help your mental stability with some spoilery goodies on your favorites. Thanks to TVLine, we know that there’s going to be “an intense and engrossing nine-minute Shondariffic sequence” involving our Scandal-icious couple Olivia and Fitz… and a third party? Well my mind officially went to dirty places, though something tells me there’s more to it than a steamy Olitz threesome.

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Any Nikita fans out there? Scratch that, any Alex and Owen fans around? I wasn’t aware they existed, but apparently fans of the two will not be disappointed with the final six episodes of this show. “Not by a long shot,” according to TVLine. Okay well kudos to them then. Somebody else is plotting something big, though it has nothing to do with Nikita or Division operatives – it has to do with Wendy on Sons of Anarchy! As to what the “something big” is, viewers will definitely get a hint about it this week. Goodie.

Maybe the Revenge fans will appreciate this scoop on Emily’s shooter – according to Emily VanCamp, no one knows who pulled the trigger, even though someone definitely does take aim and fire. VanCamp says, “From what I know, she is really going to get shot and fall off that boat. Who knows what happens after that? I’ll have to wait until Episode 10 to read it.” Well at least our leading lady is safe for another 9 episodes at least. And what about Barry Sloane‘s return?! Some shocker right? There’s gossip going around about sparks between Sloane and Madeleine Stowe, but executive producer Sunil Nayar assures viewers “that’s not exactly the road we’re taking them down.” Victoria will remain sceptical about Aiden’s true motives, and we should be excited about their character development. “They’re both trying to feel each other out. It’s fun to watch two people start to dance when neither one knows who’s leading and neither one trusts their partner,” says Nayar.

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One last spoilery treat before we go… and this one’s for the Once Upon a Time troop! With Henry missing in Neverland, you might be wondering how much Snow and the gang will rely on Hook’s knowledge of the area to help them out. Apparently it will be an asset to their search – at least, at first. When Hook saves Charming from a potentially “thorny” situation, it suddenly occurs to him that Neverland is not the same as he remembers – and that probably isn’t a good thing.