Starz Gives Viewers a ‘Closer Look’ at Black Sails


Black Sails Cast

A Nation of Thieves. No Trust. No Loyalty. – In Starz Black Sails.

This Sunday during the Television Critics Association Winter 2014 Press Tour in Pasadena, CA, STARZ released a new trailer for the high-seas pirate drama Black Sails. Executive Produced by Michael Bay, the new show is a prequel to the classic Louis Stevenson novel, Treasure Island, that takes place 25 years earlier. The new drama stars Toby Stephens as Capt. Flint, Hannah New (Eleanor Guthrie), and Zach McGowan as Flint’s rival, Capt. Charles Vane. After STARZ wraps up their re-showing of The Spartacus Saga, Uncut, the new series will premiere on Saturday, January 25th at 9pm ET/PT.

In the new trailer, viewers get a closer look at all of the characters, sets, and season 1 storyline. This new series promises to show pirates as the really were, and even has historical characters mixed in among the fictional. The life of a pirate was bloody and violent, which is evident by the way the characters behave. Everyone is out for their own glory. In the promo, you see Capt. Flint trying to find away to retire and in doing so forges a partnership with Eleanor Guthrie to do it prosperously. Meanwhile, his rival Capt. Vane is vying for the opportunity to seize Flint’s mantle.

“That’s all I want. Is to walk away from the seas and find some peace.”