Starz to Release Outlander Early and Free on TV & Web!



Keep your kilts on, because Outlander is coming a week early for FREE!

For many of us, the wait for August 9th has been brutal and each new episode still or trailer has just made us want Starz’s Outlander now. So, today is a very happy Friday indeed, because Starz has announced an early release of Outlander‘s first episode, entitled ‘Sassenach,’ starting August 2nd. The episode will be available for free (!!!!!) on your television for select U.S. cable, satellite and Telco Affiliates, as well as online on their Facebook page, Starz Play, Starz’s YouTube, and more. 

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In addition to their announcement about the early release of their first episode, Starz broke the news about their plan for splitting season one of Outlander. The first eight episodes of the season will air from August 9th to September 27th, with the back eight airing in early 2015. Undoubtedly, Starz is using this approach of a free episode sampling to entice viewers to subscribe to their channel via their cable provider and draw in a larger fan base. While the series of books already has a wide following, many people may still not know about the television series, and Starz is counting on this early release to spread through social media and get people hooked. Giving the online community a week early to watch the episode for free without a subscription is a huge way to get buzz generating. I know I’ll be forcing gifs of Sam Heughan’s Jamie Fraser and Caitriona Balfe’s Claire Randall in everyone’s faces until they watch the first episode.

Jamie & Claire riding off into the Scottish Highlands...going where? We just don't know!

Jamie & Claire riding off into the Scottish Highlands…going where? We won’t know until August 2nd!

According to Starz’s website, their seventh episode involves (spoilers!) the marriage of the two leads, Jamie and Claire, so the question on everyone’s minds now is, where will they leave the audience hanging at the end of the eighth episode before they break for a winter hiatus?

Source: Starz