Starz’ The White Queen Series Overview (VIDEO)


The White Queen with LogoA closer look at what’s to come in the anticipated new series, The White Queen.

Starz gives a viewers a closer look at their’ new series, The White Queen. Based on the author Philippa Gregory’s best-selling The Cousins’ War series, this series focuses on the women behind the War of the Roses. Take a look as the author and cast discuss the history behind this riveting story.

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In the video below Gregory, executive producer Emma Frost, and the cast discuss who these women are who had such a major impact on the world during the 15th century. They also explain why they believe telling this story is important, and how the fate of England was changed through a simple act of falling in love and marrying the woman of your dreams. Actress Rebecca Ferguson (Elizabeth Woodville) explains how the balance of power changed once King Edward IV took Elizabeth Woodville as his wife, and the complications that arose. Check out the video below to see what the rest of the cast has to say about this new series, and be sure to tune in to Starz on August 1oth.

The White Queen Premieres Saturday, August 10th at 9PM on Starz