The 100 E.P. Jason Rothenberg Answers Some Burning Questions About Season 1



Here’s The Scoop On The Grounders, The Ark And The 100 – Your Predictions Answered

Creator and executive producer Jason Rothenberg of CW’s hit new apocalyptic series The 100 sits down with The Hollywood Reporter and answers some of the more burning questions we have for the season to date. Rothenberg shares his limitations on the CW, love triangles, what’s in-store for the grounders and season two.

The questions asked does reveal some of our own theories and predictions. However, as shock as we try not to be on the happening of this particular show now, one question had us in a frenzied tizzy.

All’s Well That Ends Wells – Again!

We’re not surprised to learn that the character Well’s was his most challenging death to write – but the question on our minds was why he chose to kill off this particular character.

Wells character was the son of Chancellor Jaha and best friend to Clarke and immediately he made an impact with fans with in the first three episodes of the series, which made his death become an important shift in the storyline going forward for this series. Rothenberg who shares he’s a big fan of shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, we’re guessing one of the appeals to the series we also love and that the show runners aren’t afraid to kill of their beloved characters. Rothenberg agrees with this kind of story telling, “We needed to announce in a dramatic way that nobody was safe and if the chancellor’s son could go, then anybody could go.” (Good lord who else just relived that moment?)

The limitations placed on the CW shows on violence and sex have been known largely due to its teen demographic. With movies like Hunger Games franchise its certainly an easier introduction for the network and show-runner to make brave moves like that and Rothenberg answers on how far he’s willing to cross that line, “It felt like early on we needed to plant the flag: We can. We can do things that are going to shock you. That’s what that death bought for us.”

Any more major character death(s) to come? (RIP Wells)

We’re on episode ten at the time of this interview and the death toll isn’t what’s confrontational in this series but it’s who they decide to kill off. It’s a brilliant and scary thing to watch happen on a network like CW but as an audience we’re absolutely excited. As we’re confronted by this type of bravery as viewers with three episodes left, one important thing we’ve noted in this interview albeit we’re not at all surprised by it, but the confirmation none the less is still scary as hell. Rothenberg shares,” We’re not afraid to let the violence be real. We’re not afraid to have death be something that could happen at any time to anyone. It’s not the last time that’s going to happen to a major character. That’s the kind of world that they find themselves in. It’s a world where these Grounders, that’s all they’ve ever known, and now the 100 are caught in the middle of this ongoing battle and war for resources and territory. Whether they survive or not is certainly in question.” Did your heart stop when he you read “major character” and the eluding to something really really bad?

There’s more than one scary thing that goes bump in the night on Earth.

Flashback to Anya telling Clarke that the fireworks launched to let the Ark know they were still alive on earth, managed to kill an entire village. That was the not the first sign but the first acknowledgment that there indeed was other life on Earth besides the grounders but the question is friend or foe? We’ve seen mostly rivalry with the exception of Lincoln the first grounder introduced to the series. Particularly in episode 6 and episode 7 we began to have that feeling the writers aren’t content to keeping the boundaries of death, retribution and moral ambiguity with in these three worlds, the Ark, The 100 group (known as the project and not the number of children sent from the Ark) and The Grounders. Rothenberg confirms our thoughts in this area, “The Grounders didn’t become warriors the day these people landed on the ground, they were fighting something or someone before the hundred arrived.” We’ve found the series to have a lot of hidden clues for future episodes which makes it very exciting for our team here that loves and watches the series. Rothenberg continues, “When Anya and Clarke meet on the bridge, we start to tell that story. We will begin to meet those others and will start to figure out what’s on the ground. And because of Lincoln and Octavia — largely Lincoln — we realize the Grounders have a point of view. They’re not the villains we thought they were and we’re turning the ship to where we realize, oh shit, they have their own stories and perspective on what happened.”

Season 2 Sneak Leak on the Grounders and Others

It’s now a clear distinction this far into season one that there are other settlers on Earth than the Grounders. Rothenberg shares with us one of the stories for season two, “we will delve into is that relationship between the hundred and the natives who were already here. It’s a little analogous to the settlers and the Native Americans and how badly we screwed that up, and the hope is the people from the Ark don’t screw it up as badly. But, they probably will.” With what we’ve seen so far it’s a certainty there will be ongoing screw ups.

More Cake, Not Just Icing – The Foundation of The 100

The number one thing I love, LOVE about this interview, is Jason Rothenberg is telling us he isn’t afraid to go against the grain. CW network is known first for it’s attractive cast (which we love) and tormented love triangles and though many attempts have been made to forgo making that the center of the series in their recent shows. It has yet to be proven a successful balance in my opinion. It works for some shows which are primarily centered around romance like The Vampire Diaries and even maybe The Originals but The 100 isn’t one of those shows. So it’s our delight to have Rothenberg quell our fears on the romance or potential over taking of love triangle in the series, “the show as it exists for me isn’t about that at all. I think there will be always be a soap storyline or romance, but it’ll never be about that.” He continues to give us an insight on not just where he stands in regards to this storytelling but why and acknowledging it he continues, “It’s an action-adventure first and foremost; there are romance elements in it but I also say that Star Wars had a love triangle, Indiana Jones had a girlfriend.” With the high standards television has achieved in the past five years and still growing strong. I’m glad to see he’s taken an early stance in this but for how long will the writers cave into the pressure of fans versus the integrity of the story? We’ll have to see for season two but as for now, Rothenberg seems resolute that in season 2 the characters won’t be worried about who’s sleeping with who when there’s tons more life altering things to happen on the show. So fans will have to buckle down embrace their shipping worlds but know there’s more to this story telling and according to Rothenberg, “That’s where it exists for us, despite what some people on the Twitter would like.”

Source: THR